JavaScript Tutorial


  • JavaScript is an Object-oriented Computer Programming Language.
  • It is an Interpreted programming or script language from Netscape.
  • The scripting languages are easier and faster to code.
  • Its first appearance was in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with the name 'LiveScript'.

Features of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is an open source scripting language.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It creates network-centric applications.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It validates form data.
  • It reduces server load.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • JavaScript saves server traffic.
  • It performs the operations very fast.
  • It is simple to learn and implement.
  • It is versatile.
  • JavaScript pages are executed on the client side.
  • JavaScript extends its functionality to the web pages.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • JavaScript cannot be used for networking applications.
  • It doesn't have any multithreading or multiprocessor capabilities.
  • It has security issues being a client-side scripting language.