XML Tutorial


  • XML stands for Extensible Markup language.
  • It was developed by W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium).
  • XML is a self-descriptive language.
  • XML is used to store and carry data.

Applications of XML

Mobiles: XML is used to display the text, images and sounds in the mobile softwares.
Converters: Converters are used to convert existing documents into XML format.
Example: PDF to XML.
Voice XML: Converts the XML documents into an audio format.

Features of XML

  • XML provides domain specific self describing tags.
  • It carries data with HTML.
  • XML allows interchanging of data between different computer application.
  • User defined tags in XML allow to search.


Designed to transport and store data.Designed to display data.
Provides granular update facility.Granular update facility is unavailable.
XML is case sensitive.HTML is not case sensitive.

Writing and Viewing XML

  • Write XML code in the notepad and save with .xml extension.
  • To view XML file, open it in web browsers.