Active Directory Interview Questions and Answers - 2

6. Where all can Active Directory be used?

Active Directory helps you organize your company’s users and computers.

It can be used in any organization that has a Network setup and the organization which requires 24*7 uptime.

7. Which is the default protocol used in directory services?

The default protocol used in directory services is LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

LDAP is an acronym for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and it refers to the protocol used to access, query and modify the data stored within the AD directories.

LDAP is an internet standard protocol that runs over TCP/IP.

8. What is Kerberos?

Kerberos is an authentication protocol for network. It uses secret-key cryptography to offer strong authentication for client-server applications.

9. What is Active Directory Schema?

Schema is an active directory component describes all the attributes and objects that the directory service uses to store data.

10. What is the domain controller?

The server that responds to user requests for access to the domain is called the Domain Controller or DC. The Domain Controller allows a user to gain access to the resources within the domain through the use of a single username and password.

11. What is SYSVOL, and why is it important?

SYSVOL is a folder that exists on all domain controllers. SYSVOL stores all of the security related information of the Active Directory.