Affiliate Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

8. What do you understand about Scrubbing Leads in affiliate marketing?


Scrubbing Leads is a practice where you ask the affiliate not to promote the service or product of the owner anymore. This is usually done when the affiliate is not getting the desired leads and is not performing well.

The affiliate may misrepresent the product or service, or communicate poorly about the service, or simply promote the product poorly which might harm the owner's reputation.

9. What do you know about Shaving Leads in affiliate marketing?


Shaving leads is a practice where some of the leads sent by the affiliate are discarded or not considered in the final calculations. This could be owing to the poor quality of leads, breaking the rules or may also arise due to the unethical behavior of the master in the affiliate relationship.

If the commission is not paid or reduced without any notice or no explainable reason, it is unethical.

Sometime, in order to limit the affiliate's earnings, once a certain number of leads are reached the company shaves off the affiliate's id.  

10. How important is maintaining good relationship with affiliates?


With this question, the interviewer is trying to understand your relationship building skills. He /she would want to know if you possess the required people's skill.

Tell them how you built a strong bond with your affiliate partners. If there were any hurdles in building these relationships, how did you overcome those?

11. We currently have some affiliate partners for our products. What do you think about them?


This question requires you to be prepared before going to the interview. You should study about the company's products and their current affiliate partners (which you can fins with a quick research).

See, if these are the right type of partners they are working with.

12. Is there a room for improvement in our affiliate marketing efforts?


Now with the above question once you have given them your opinion, the interviewer would want to know what can you do to get better results out of their program. You can be innovative while answering this question and what you can bring in with your experience of affiliate marketing.

13. Tell us about a mistake you made in any of your affiliate marketing assignments.


More than the mistake you made, the interviewer is interested in finding out how you overcame the mistake. Did you learn anything from the mistake?

While answering this question you need to tell the interviewer about the mistake you made, why did this mistake occur and how were you able to rectify the mistake. You should let the interviewer know how this mistake helped you in increasing the return on investment or how did you build a better relationship with the affiliate.

14. What are the important tools that an affiliate marketer should use?


Now there many tools that an affiliate marketer can use and every tool have a different role to play. As an affiliate marketer one cannot afford to buy all the tools but some of the important ones are:

i. Google Keyword Planner - In order to develop good and engaging content for your readers you need to target the right keyword. Google Keyword Planner helps you to find the relevant keyword for your affiliate business.

ii. Ahrefs - This tool provides a good competitor analysis. It tells you how much traffic a competitor website is getting for a particular keyword. It also helps you in backlink research along with the content you should publish for your target audience.

iii. SEMRush - This tool helps you find the powerful keywords for your posts and identify advertising opportunities. It also lets you understand what's working for you and your competitor as well

iv. Google Search Console - Google Search Console helps you to check the performance of your site. It tells you if your site is mobile friendly, it helps to highlight the data and also you can check if Google has any problem accessing your site.

v. Instapage - Instapage helps you create good quality landing pages as per your requirement within a few minutes.

vi. Buzzsumo - Buzzsumo is a planning tool which helps in content marketing research and lets you develop smart content strategies.