Certificate Signing Request

Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • A CSR (Certificate Signing request) is an encrypted message format sent from an applicant to a certificate authority.
  • CSR sends the certificate to the CA for signing and then it is returned with the sign.

  • User generates a CSR with the following command:

    User% openssl req – new – key TutorialRide.key – out TutorialRide.csr

         req : openssl component to generate a certificate request,
         new : This is a new certificate,
         key CareerRide.key : key pair file to be used,
         out CareerRide.csr : filename that the new certificate request will be written here.

    Information required in a CSR

    Information DescriptionExample
    Common NameFully qualified domain name of your server.www.CareerRide.com

    Organization NameLegal name of your organization.CareerRide Info
    Department Or Organizational Unit nameDivision of your organization handling the certificate.IT, English
    Town/CityCity where the organization is located.Pune, London, Mumbai
    State/regionState/region where the organization is located.Maharashtra
    CountryTwo letter of ISO code where the organization is located.US, IN, UK
    Email addressAn email address to contact the organization.abc@careerride.com