How to become a Front End Developer- Jobs, Salary, Certification, Growth

- What is Front End Development?
- What does a Front End developer do?
- How to become a Front End Developer?
- Front End Developer skills
- Front End Development Certification Courses
- Salary of a Front End Developer
- How to get a Job as a Front end Developer without experience?
- What is the future of the Front End Developer?

What is Front End Development?

Front end development is concerned with the appearance of a website. All visible website features are created using front end development. A website's front end is what you see and interact with using your browser. And It is also called as the 'client side' of the application. It includes everything that the user can see from text, buttons, images, colors, graphs, tables, navigation menu etc.

What does a Front End developer do?

A front end developer is someone who uses programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to implement web designs. The front end developers are in charge of the website's design and appearance. When you visit any website, you can see a front end developer's work in the navigation, layouts, and how a website looks different on your phone.

How to become a Front End Developer?

To become a front end developer you need to follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Learn the essential coding languages such as CSS, Javascript and HTML. These are the building blocks of front-end development.

Just give yourself 15 - 30 days to learn basics of all technologies. Don't get into advanced concepts at this stage, that would confuse you a lot. You can take on advanced topics while working on a project.  

There are various online platforms available where you can learn these technologies and practice your skills.

Step 2 - Responsive Web Design

It's important to create web pages that look good on all devices. So, learning about Responsive web design is imperative.

There are many CSS frameworks which can make your job easier such as Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma etc.

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework globally and easier to learn.

Step 3 :  Learn Front-End frameworks

There are many JavaScript frameworks and many front-end development jobs now require framework experience. And They are now an essential part of modern front-end web development. So, it's important for you to learn a JavaScript framework. Angular and React are both very popular JavaScript framework. So, you can choose to one of them.

Step 4 - Get familiar with Version control System

Learn about GIT, the most popular version control system. One of the dangers of coding is that even minor changes can cause problems. Even if you try to fix the problem, nothing will ever be the same again. This is why a good front end developer should be familiar with version control.

Step 5 - Build Projects

Working on a project is real learning. When you implement a concept in a project, you will never forget it. So, with you basic knowledge, you can start designing a Static Website. It will give you hands-on experience and the utmost exposure to front end development. This will help you gain more experience, skills and expertise. While working on a project, you will come across many new things or advanced concepts. So you can learn them using books or online resources.

What are the most important Front End Developer skills?

Now, let's talk about some of important Front End Developer skills-

- HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery are the foundational skills required for most jobs in the field of Front End Development.

- Knowledge of CSS and JavaScript frameworks is a must.

- Responsive design is important part of a website. So, it's another must-have skill for any front end developer.

- It's important to have hands-on experience with Version control, Git and GitHub.

- Should be able to consistently and effectively test and debug a webpage

- It is wise to gain familiarity with search engine optimization and operations.

- Exceptional and creative problem-solving ability, strong communication and interpersonal skills are some important skills to get a Job at Your Dream Company.

Front End Development Certification Courses  

There are many Online Certification Training Course Providers that help you to build full websites from start to end.

They are

Udemy, LinkedIn, Udacity, Coursera, Codecademy, Edx, Skillshare

Each course requires a sincere commitment of time and resources. So, go through the details of each one and find the right fit for you.

What is the salary of a Front end Developer?

A Front End developer's average salary in India is around 4-5 lakhs. If you are a fresher your starting salary could be around 3 lakhs including bonuses and incentives.  And You can get a package of 4-5 lakh if you have 1-4 years of experience. And with 5-9 years of experience, you can expect to earn around 8 - 10 Lakhs . And with experience 10 - 15 years you can expect to earn 13-15 lakhs.

But , these figures, are not set in stone. Your salary will be determined by your abilities and the rate at which you advance within the company. A higher salary may be expected if you are a front end developer who uses javascript. Even React or Angular skills will help you earn more money than others. Your salary is determined by factors such as where you live, the company you work for, and the skills you have.

Can I get a job as a Front end Developer without experience?

It is difficult to obtain a job in an IT giant without prior experience. Experienced candidates are given an advantage over inexperienced candidates. So, in order to obtain a job without prior experience, you must possess specific skills, as well as perseverance and a well-planned strategy. You must become proficient in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and Bootstrap. Because you lack experience, all you can discuss during the interview is your projects. You can host your training projects on Github or BitBucket. It would also be a good idea to participate in various renowned coding challenges platforms where you could earn badges or certificates that you could discuss in the interview. Connect with the right people on networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Attend conferences, meetups, webinars, and seminars to expand your professional network. Getting a job without experience is difficult, but by honing your skills and following the right path, you will undoubtedly land your dream job.

What is the future of the Front End Developer?

If you want to work in web development, front-end development is an excellent option. It is in high demand, pays well, and provides a great deal of flexibility.Even with the pandemic, there were still a lot of openings for front end developers as companies' technical needs grew. This indicates that front end development is in high demand and will continue to be so in the future.