Big Data Analytics Tutorial

Big data analytics is a process of examining large volume data.

Big Data Analytics Tutorial

Learn the concepts of Big Data Analytics with this complete Big Data Analytics Tutorial. Useful for beginners, this tutorial discusses the basic and advance concepts of this topic with examples. Freshers, BE, BTech, MCA, college students will find it useful to develop notes, for exam preparation, solving lab questions, assignments and viva questions.

Who is this Big Data Analytics Tutorial designed for?

This tutorial is specially designed for beginners to help them put large volumes of data with the power of Big Data Analytics.

What do I need to know to begin with?

To appreciate the power of Big Data Analytics you should have handled large, unprocessed data, trying to make some sensible use of it. However, as a student you will find this tutorial useful for your exams.

Big Data Analytics syllabus covered in this tutorial

This tutorial covers:

Data Mining, Stream Cluster Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Apache Flume etc.


  • Big data is a variety of data, which is difficult to process and analyze.
  • Big data analytics is a process of examining large data, which consists of variety of data types.
The traditional data management systems and other existing tools are face difficulties in analyzing and processing huge amount of data.  Hence, various tools have been developed to analyze and process such a big data, which are known as 'Big data analytics'.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics:

The big data analytics tools were developed to offer following two main benefits:

1. Cost reduction:
Big data technology like, Hadoop is cost efficient for storing large amount of data.  Hadoop is JAVA based technology, which is compatible with other platforms.

2. Fast decision making:
Ability to analyze a new source of data which makes it easy for organizations  analyze information quickly aiding faster decision making.