Boats and Streams - Aptitude Questions and Answers Part 3

11. A boat rows at 6 kmph in still water between two points 36 km apart. If it takes 8 hours to less to cover this distance downstream than upstream, what is the speed of the stream?

a. 2 kmph
b. 2.5 kmph
c. 3 kmph
d. 4 kmph

Answer: c. 3 kmph

12. A boat sails at a speed of 15 kmph in still waters. It travels 30 km downstream and comes back in four and a half hours. What is the speed of the stream?

a. 5 km/h
b. 6 km/h
c. 25 km/h
d. 50 km/h

Answer: a. 5 km/h

13. A steamer takes 8 minutes to cover a distance of 4.8 km downstream while it takes 9 minutes to come back to the same spot upstream. Find the speed of the current.

a. 2 kmph
b. 2.4 kmph
3. 3 kmph
4. 3.2 kmph

Answer: a. 2 kmph

14.  Give:
Speed of boat in still water = 9 kmph
Speed of water current = 1.5 kmph

Find the time taken by the boat to go 105 km downstream and come back.

a. 16 hours
b. 18 hours
c. 20 hours
d. 24 hours

Answer: d. 24 hours

15. Given:

Speed of stream =5m/s
Distance between points A and B = 6 km
Total time taken =11hours

Find the speed of boat in still water.

a. 11 km/h
b. 22 km/h
c. 33 km/h
d. 44 km/h

Answer: b. 22 km/h