5 Best Business Ideas targeting the Kids and Babies Market

Find business ideas to tap into the potential of kids and little babies market. Young parents of this generation need these products and services.
Arrival of a baby in a family is one of the biggest occasions for the parents. And, new parents is a segment in the market that spends luxuriously on the arrival of their new bundle of joy.

With the way the society is advancing every year, the requirements of these new parents are also consistently changing, giving an opportunity to new business ideas to blossom.

Let’s talk about 5 such ideas that are getting popular with time and can help you make some good money, if you target this market.

1. Ready to consume healthy foods for nursing mothers

Most of the families in the cities these days are nuclear and the young mothers are usually working. But, a nursing mother still has a need for some nutritious food that can keep her and her baby healthy. In the absence of mothers and mothers-in-law to make these healthy recipes if you can make some ready to consume preparations available in the market, there’s a lot of money to be made here.

The items can range from healthy Laddoos to some specific mixes that can boost bone health, deal with postpartum problems or help the mother improve lactation. The items can be sold both at local stores and online.

2. Re-usable diapers

While there’s an established market for use and throw diapers, a lot of young parents are shifting towards more natural things for their babies. And, one among such things is re-usable diapers that can soak like other diapers but made of cloth.

You can start making these diapers even with a few semi-skilled tailors available with you. The patterns and method to make these diapers can be found in YouTube videos as well.

As you can see, a product that’s never going to go out of business.

3. Designer Quilts/ towels/ nappies/ mittens

These are the products that do not need you to possess tailoring skills like apparels do & still have a need in the market. Another business that you can do with just some semi-skilled tailors with you.

4. Baby Proofing the home products & services

As soon as a baby begins to move and slowly begins to get curious, parents can’t afford to take their eyes off them. To ease out the worries of such parents, you can get some baby proofing products to secure their homes. If you are not interested in manufacturing, just make a list of all the spots one needs to secure at home, get the products and offer a baby proofing service package. The rates of the package can differ as per the size of the house.

5. Healthy meal plans for toddlers and kids

Not all mothers have the time to cook but each of them for sure wants to feed their children healthy food. Slowly getting popular in India, your services can help many such mothers.
In this service, you can design healthy meal plans for each age group with the help of a nutritionist and deliver ready to eat healthy meals for their kids. The delivery can be made once a week and the service can be sold online.

Ensure that there are no preservatives, added sugars, salts and the food you supply is allergen free. The meals can be shipped in recyclable, environment friendly containers with dry ice. Mark the expiry date and let the mothers stock them in the fridge for their young ones.