9 Business Ideas for Women- Work from home with No investment

Business Ideas for women who wish to work from home and have very little to no money for investment. All these businesses are in good demand, can be started at a small level and scaled up.

You can start these business even if you have very little educational qualification.
A woman has the strength to care for her home, family, and children while also standing on her own feet. All you have to do is believe in yourself and take the first step.

Let’s see some businesses you can start with little qualification and investment:

1. Home-based bakery &Nutritious snacks:

Regular cakes are available in the market, but there’s a huge demand for customized cakes. If you can meet this demand in your area, this could be a profitable business venture for you. Also, we don't just mean cakes when we say bakery. You could also bake healthy cookies, multigrain bread, and other baked goods. Furthermore, people nowadays are concerned not only about their health, but also the health of their pets. So, if you could bake healthy dog biscuits, you'd be able to meet high demand. You could also prepare some healthy snacks such as Oats laddu, Nachni laddoos, or Multi-grain Laddus.

To sell your products, partner with local shopkeepers, who could assist you in selling them. You could also create a WhatsApp group to receive orders. Set up a Facebook and Instagram page to sell and promote your products. Give it a shot because it's a very interesting business idea.

2. Coaching:

Coaching isn't just for academics. Coaching could be anything you excel at and could teach others. It could be yoga, dancing, singing, music, painting, baking, and so on. This work can be done online or offline.

3. Tiffin services:

Everyone requires home-cooked, hygienic, and nutritious food. Working couples, students, senior citizens, bachelors, and others who find cooking difficult or do not know how to cook are ideal clients for you. You could serve them delicious home-cooked meals. And if they like the food, they will undoubtedly place orders with you. There is a chance that you will not have delivery services. In this case, you could partner up with some delivery company. Some people who live nearby may be able to come and pick up the tiffin from your house. There are many apps available now that offer delivery services, and you could work with them as well. With the success of your tiffin business, you may be able to start your catering service one day. All you need to do now is take the first small step. It is completely up to you how big you want your business to be. The food industry, on the other hand, is undeniably successful.

4. Tuition Classes:

Education is something that every child requires, and parents are willing to spend money on it. You could take classes either online or in person.

Nowadays, there are numerous platforms where you can upload your course modules, such as Coursera, Unacademy, and others. People may purchase these modules, and this could be a way for you to earn recurring income.

Whether you take classes online or in person, don't be concerned about the standard. Students starting from primary to secondary and college level, all need tutions.

Virtual assistance: This is a new piece of work that is currently in the works.This job entails acting as a virtual assistant for businesses or professionals To do this job, you don’t need a high level of education; all you need is the ability to communicate effectively with others.
When you visit any company, you meet receptionists or consultants who help you with the information you need. Similarly, professionals like CAs, Doctors etc. need someone to answer calls from home on their behalf.

If a company needs virtual assistants, it will post a job posting on a job portal. If professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or chartered accountants require virtual assistants, you could contact them and inquire. All you need for this job is a general understanding and the ability to communicate well. If you wish to, you could work for more than one company and professionals.

5. Stitching and Alteration:

Stitching does not imply making dresses or blouses. You could make cushion covers, table runners, and comforters, among other things, and sell them both online and offline. It would be the icing on the cake if you could customize and sell these products. It would be ideal if you could offer customization based on the size of their cushions, mattresses, etc. You should also be aware that many people require maintenance and alteration services. As a result, this is one work that you could consider.

6. Daycare centers:

As a lady, you already have motherly instincts, and you could share this love with the other children in your daycare centre. This service is greatly needed by working couples. The most important factor to consider in a daycare centre is cleanliness and hygiene, as this is the first thing that parents notice. To set your centre apart from the others, plan a variety of activities for children and teach them to be self-sufficient, which will be greatly appreciated by parents. And this is a great business idea.

7. Network Marketing:

In network marketing, you would sell products such as personal care items, home care items, cosmetic items, and so on. You can sell Amway, Oriflame, Avon, and other companies' products. You form a chain in this business and receive a commission if you sell a product as well as a commission if someone else in your chain sells a product. This work requires a lot of hard work, but many women have earned a lot of it as well.

8. Hair Cutting & Styling:

People prefer to have their hair cut by the same person because they like the way they do their hair. Forget about celebrity stylists; a regular hairstylist will charge at least Rs 400/- for styling. So, if you serve two clients per day, you can easily earn Rs 24,000 to Rs 27,000 per month. This is not a small sum of money. You must, however, be the best at your job.

The jobs to be done are numerous. All you have to do is take the first, most difficult step. When you start, many people will tell you that it will not work, they will discourage you, demotivate you, and they will laugh and make fun of you. However, once your business is successful, those same people will look up to you as an example. Until then, believe in yourself and tell yourself that you will not stop or bend, that you will give your all to your business because standing on your own feet is an unparalleled joy in the world.