9 Business ideas to earn money without investment

There are many people in our country who wish to start a business but they are not comfortable working online nor do they have funds to invest. If you are also one of them or you know someone like that, this article is going to be tremendously useful to you.

All the ideas discussed here just need you to make use of some skills you already possess. No experience. No Investment.
Along with each business idea, I’m also going to give you some tips to succeed at it. Read on!

i.) Real Estate Agents – These are the people who help their clients in buying/ selling and renting out the properties. In return, they earn a commission of 1-3% for this. There’s absolutely no educational background, experience or investment required to do this work.

But there 3 very important qualities that you need to succeed in this business

i.) Your ability to connect with new people
ii.) Your knowledge of local real estate market.
iii.) Your integrity

Now, many of you may think that there are a lot of websites and Apps already available in the market to do this job but let me tell you, a lot of property agents also use these portals to find new clients. So, don’t think of them as a problem. They rather assist you in getting the new business.

There are a lot of people have got themselves big houses, cars and a good bank balance doing this business. You can do it too.

ii.) Insurance Agents - A lot of you may actually not appreciate this job because it feels like running after people but I have to tell you there are many people I know who have earned a lot of money with this business too. So, don’t think of it as running after someone, think of it just as sales.

Here also, there are a lot of websites selling various kinds of policies but you should also know that there are so many people in our country who are not able to use Internet properly or make online payments.

All these people need the services of an insurance agent.

To be successful in this profession, you should be honest to suggest them the right policies and comfortable in dealing with absolute strangers every time in their houses or work places. Also, the service you offer your clients at the time of claim settlement helps you in gaining their trust and new references.

To become an insurance agent, walk into the office of an Insurance company or send them your profile online and ask them for the opportunities available.

For this position, you need to clear an IRDA exam through your insurance company.

Education qualification – Usually Graduates but if you are good at making people understand and sell them the product, a lot of people are doing well in this business even after passing out of their class 12th.

iii.) Coaching/ Mentoring - Now, when I say coaching or mentoring, you can coach people in any skills you possess may be baking, ice cream making, Yoga, dancing etc.

Each one of us is good at doing something. Find out what you are good at? All these businesses can make you good money if you are ready to put in some hard work consistently.

To be a good coach, you’ll need to be knowledgeable, observant, respectful and patient with your students.

iv.) Tuition Classes - Guys, this business thrives in every single corner of the world I can think of. There may be online classes, videos anything, the need for traditional coaching classes will always be there.

And, it is not only the students in higher classes who need help, even children in primary classes go to tuition classes.

Choose the standard you are comfortable with and even if you can teach 2 hours a day, you can make decent money.

You can do this work even at your home.

And, if you decide to grow it bigger, you can take a bigger place. But, you can begin this business with a zero investment.

v.) Network Marketing - MLM - A large number of companies selling with this strategy sell personal care, home care & cosmetic products making it a good option specially for ladies who want to work from home.

To succeed in this business you should be able to develop a good chain of people under you because you earn on every sale in your chain.

The business does require you to put in a lot of effort but I have also seen some ladies doing really well for themselves in this business.

Companies little Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Oriflame are some of the examples of companies selling their products through Network Marketing.

vi.) Day Care Centers - Now guys, with both the partners working, a lot of couples need help with taking care of children. And, that is where day care centers come into picture. There are a lot of people who started with this business from their home and as the business grew they took bigger places.

Cleanliness and Hygiene two most important requirements to succeed in this business.

Some personal qualities that you need to do well in this business are -  compassion, care and patience. After all you will be dealing with little children.

Now, to make your center different from others, do things that others don’t do – For e.g. make children do some different activities, provide them wholesome food,teach them to eat independently, etc.

vii.) Tiffin Services - This is another business that does equally well for men and women. All that you have to see is, are there people coming for work from nearby areas to your city or are there students coming to your city for studies. Both these categories of people need tiffin service.

You can just begin with a few customers and cook what you have at home. As the business grows, you can hire more people to help you cook and deliver the tiffin.

I know someone personally who just started with 2 customers and within a year they were delivering food to 100 people. In fact they also started the catering services for various events soon.

The key to succeed in this business is provide hygienic and tasty food at the committed time.

This business requires a lot of physical efforts but if you can cook, this is another business that does well and can make you a lot of money.

viii.) Stitching and Alteration services - Food, Clothes and Shelter are the basic requirements of human beings. If you do any business related to them properly, it’ll work. Stitching and alteration is another such business.

Even if you don’t want to stitch you can alter the clothes for people. I’ll give you a small tip here to get more business - Tie up with some shops that sell the ready made clothes. More than 60% pieces they sell can easily come to you for alteration.

In fact, have you seen, how people are selling beautiful cushion covers, douvet covers, mattress protectors etc. online. You can do this too. And, if you can customize the size as per the order, you’ll do even better.

ix.) Hair cutting and styling - Beauty and Hair is another business that’ll always do well. Both men and women can equally succeed at it. Now, if you want to be different from others, you can provide home services.

Once your business picks up, you can make use of technology and get a simple App using which people can book an appointment.

If you are able to service even 2 customers per day, you can easily earn 1000 – 1200 Rs per day. And, if you calculate it for a month, it comes to 30 – 35 thousand Rupees. Is that a small money?

Guys, these are only a few things I have talked about. The opportunities are endless. You have to see what you are good at and start offering your services.

There will always be people who will discourage you but once you start doing well, the same people will give your example. Don’t stop yourself.

Make a commitment to yourself today and take the first step today. I’m sure, success will be yours.