30 C Programs and Code Examples on Arrays

30 C Programs and Code Examples on Arrays

This section contains 30 array based C Programs and Code Examples with solutions, output and explanation. This collection of solved array based examples on C programming will be very useful for beginners and professionals in C programming.

List of C Programs and Code Examples on Arrays covered here

The C programs covered in this section range from basic to advanced. They include:

1. Find max & min array elements
2. Count frequency of each element
3. Decimal into Octal conversion
4. Armstrong number in an array
5. Separate out +ve, -ve and 0s
6. Reverse the array elements
7. Sum of 10 integers
8. Compare sum of given elements
9. Sum of even numbers in array
10. Print odd numbers in array
11. Find sum and average
12. Print max & min array element
13. Search a number in an array
14. Sort array in ascending order
15. Count occurrences of numbers
16. Store & display prime number
17. Sort array in descending order
18. Reverse an array
19. Print largest sum
20. Print two dimensional array
21. Count zeroes in a matrix
22. Sum of two matrices
23. Sum of all elements in matrix
24. Sum of diagonal elements
25. Find transpose of matrix
26. Sum of middle row & column
27. Find product of matrices
28. Find difference of two matrices
29. Sum of lower triangular elements
30. Sum of upper triangular elements

For whom are these C Programs and Code Examples on Arrays useful?

All computer science freshers from BCA, BSc, BTech, MCA and all engineering students will find these solved C Program examples useful for their university exam, lab exam, practicals, assignments, viva questions and campus placement. You can also use these program to practice for your written test.

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