23 C Programs and Code Examples on Strings

C Programs and Code Examples on Strings

This section contains 23 string based C Programs and Code Examples with solutions, output and explanation. This collection of solved string based examples on C programming will be very useful for beginners and professionals in C programming.

List of C Programs and Code Examples on Strings covered here

The C programs covered in this section range from basic to advanced. They include:

1. Calculate length of string
2. Find frequency of a character
3. Count number of digits in string
4. No. of digits, alphabets & special characters
5. Print string after deleting vowels
6. Reverse a string
7. Reverse string with recursion
8. Check if string is palindrome
9. Find occurrences of character
10. Menu driven program
11. Print ASCII value difference
12. Sort names in alphabetical order
13. Replace a character in string
14. Convert string into uppercase & lowercase
15. Check character is alphabet, digit or punctuation
16. Alternate character in upper case
17. Copy one string into another
18. Menu driven library functions program
19. Count number of white spaces
20. Check character is digit or alphabet
21. Display alternate characters
22. Compare and change two strings
23. Search name in 2D array

For whom are these C Programs and Code Examples on Strings useful?

All computer science freshers from BCA, BSc, BTech, MCA and all engineering students will find these solved C Program examples useful for their university exam, lab exam, practicals, assignments, viva questions and campus placement. You can also use these program to practice for your written test.

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