Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked Cabin Crew Interview questions and answers. The types of questions covered are general, behavioral, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples and sample answers with each question.

Who are these Cabin Crew Interview Questions useful for?

These questions will be very useful for all professionals aspiring to join aviation industry as stewards, air hostess or cabin attendants.

1. Why do you want to join the aviation industry?

The interviewer wants to know what attracts you to this industry. Here are some reasons you can quote:

i.) Good career: Airline industry offers an opportunity to develop your career as the industry is continuously developing.

ii.) Meeting new people: This job gives an opportunity to meet and interact with interesting people on a daily basis which makes the job interesting.

iii.) Travel: Working in the aviation industry means you have a demanding job but along with that, you get an opportunity to travel the globe.

iv.) Lifestyle: The aviation industry provides a lot of lifestyle benefits such as family leaves, discount in high street shops, etc. They also ensure that their employee's health is looked after by providing a health plan at a discounted rate.

Aviation industry provides a good salary to their employees and of course this can be one more reason to get attracted to this profession. But, avoid mentioning salary as your reason.

Now go on to explain how these characteristics suit your personality and would let you do well in this industry.

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2. What would you do if you find your colleague is rude to a passenger?

While this situation might hardly occur but with this question, the interviewer is trying to understand how well you can handle these types of situations?  As a crew member,your responsibility is to ensure that the passenger is having a good flight and needs to resolve any problem the passenger is facing. You need to be polite and apologize to the passenger. Try and calm down the passenger and if need be report the situation to the senior member.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I would first apologize to the passenger and ensure him/her that this situation won't happen again. I would offer the passenger with refreshments and would ask them to calm down. I would try to resolve the problem myself and if need be I would ask my seniors to look into the matter if I am not able to get the right solution."

3. What do you know about the duties and responsibilities of a cabin crew member?

Cabin crew members represent the airlines they are working for. They need to be excellent with customer service and be approachable. They need to be presentable and must be prepared to work at any time, on any day.

Here are the duties and responsibilities of the cabin crew members:

i.) Attending and carrying out pre-flight duties such as ensuring that the safety equipment are working well, if the flight is clean and tidy.

ii.) Check if any passenger has any special requirement such as a passenger with an infant or senior passenger requiring wheelchair facility, etc.

iii.) Greet the passengers as they board the aircraft and make them seated in their right seats.

iv.) Informing the passengers about the safety procedures.

v.) Assist passenger and make calls on behalf of the pilots.

vi.) Serve food and drinks to the passengers.

vii.) Sell duty-free goods.

viii.) In emergency situations ensure the passengers follow correct emergency procedures.

ix.) Providing first aid to the passenger if needed.

x.) Ensuring the passengers leave the flight safely and check there is no luggage left.

xi.) Write a flight report, post flight.

xii.) Completing paperwork, taking note of any in-flight problem and proper coordination with the ground staff.

4. What is SEPtraining?

SEP training is Safety and Emergency Procedure training which is a mandatory training governed by the Civil Aviation Authority. Once the candidate has cleared the interview he/she is expected to attend this training. The training provides insight as to what they can expect as a cabin crew member and how to remain compliant with the authority. This course provides training for the cabin crew and flight crew members.

The course provides training on the following:

i.) Passenger management.
ii.) First Aid.
iii.) Handling emergency situations.
iv.) Handling Security related issues.
v.) Extraordinary situation.
vi.) Fire-fighting.
vii.) Evacuation procedure, etc.

5. What are the skills and qualities required to be a cabin crew member?

Some of the important qualities the people in this profession need to possess are:

i.) Good Communication & Customer Service Skills.

ii.) They have to be well groomed and presentable – Yes, this is one of the primary requirements. Not to attract the passengers but to just look professional.

iii.) They need to be really calm and patient to handle the pressure and other stressful situations. They should also have the ability to think and deal with various situations on the spot.

iv.) They have to be empathetic towards people

v.) Being on a flight needs you to be pay a lot of attention to detail. You can’t sway from the protocol or miss out on anything.

vi.) They have to be physically fit to work on flights for hours, even at odd times of the day.

After quoting some of these qualities, it is important to tell them, how you possess these qualities. Give some examples from the past where you displayed them.

6. What would you do if a passenger refuses to comply with the instructions on flight?

With this question, the interviewer is trying to understand how well you can handle the passengers who don’t cooperate. They are trying to judge your conflict resolution skills. In such situations, cabin crew is expected to diffuse the situation rather than aggravating it.

To answer this question, you can say something like: "I’ll try to politely make the passenger understand that by not complying with the on-flight instructions you are not only risking your life but the other co-passenger's life as well. If required, I’ll also let them know the consequences of not listening to the crew members.

If the passenger is still not ready to comply, I would ask for help from the other  crew members. And, as the last resort, I would ask the captain to intervene.”

7. What will you do if a customer flirts with you?

Now, this is a common situation that the cabin crew faces.

Many people believe that the airlines just expect their cabin crew to be quite with such a customer and encourage them. But, let me tell you, even the airline companies don’t encourage any kind of misbehavior towards their crew.

Although, you are taught to be polite but of course not give up your dignity. So, don’t be afraid to say that you’ll not entertain any such initiatives from any passenger. You’ll not be rejected.

If you say that, you’ll just let it go, this means that you don’t value yourself sufficiently and lack either self-confidence or self-esteem which are both negative qualities.

So, while answering this question, just convey that you’ll not entertain any such initiatives and will limit them in your own polite manner which doesn’t heat up the situation.