11 career option for students with Class 12th in PCM

Students,Parents,Teachers - This article is specially for all those students who have passed out or will soon pass out of their Class 12th with PCM or Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

So, let’s discuss some bright career options available to you.
Engineering is not the only career choice for the students passing out of their class 12th with PCM.

Let’s explore some possibilities that can help you do equally well or even better in life.

The first career that is booming up and will continue to grow even in the future is -

1. Data Analysis.

Data Analysis is a field where you use the past data to predict the future trend or plan your offerings.

Now, what has happened in last 15-20 years i.e. since the time computers became popular, companies started generating a lot of data which is like a gold mine for them. But,all this data is useless unless it is analyzed and presented in an easy to understand format like graphs, charts, reports etc.

And, this is where the Data Analysts come into picture. They help the management make the decision by analyzing what the data says.

As a Data Analyst you’re expected to be good at mathematics and possess an analytical bent of mind. Good communication skills is also an important quality required to be a data analyst.

You can get into this profession with an Engineering IT or Computer Science degree. Alternatively, you can also join a BCA .

Also, there are also many universities that offer BSc and MSc courses in Data Analytics and Data Science that you can join. In fact, even doing a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics or Economics can also give you a good start.

Some days back we published a complete video on how to become a Data Analyst. So, if you want to know the complete career path that you can take, you can watch that video too.

2. Statistics

This is another option that can help you achieve some of the best careers in the world.

If you decide to do a BSc Statistics, you can get into various professions like becoming a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Bioinformatician, Statistician etc. You can even on to make a career in finance and economics related fields. Those interested can even get into Astronomy, Astrophysics, Digital Marketing or go on to do an MBA.

These career choices are available with both private and public sector. Based on your interest, you can get into a Masters degree course and take it from there.

Basically, if you see, it is not just the degree that matters. It is “You” as a person, who is a link between your degree and career and the only thing that makes the difference.

What I would suggest you to do here is – Take down the career options I just talked about after a BSc Statistics, explore what interests you and accordingly, see what would you need to do after your BSc to get into that profession.

3. Banking & Finance

A lot of us believe that the students of mathematics can only find a career in fields related to science. If you are also one of them, this going to be a surprise for you.

Yes, it is the Banking and Finance industry that offers some of the most math intensive and highest paid jobs of the world.

Jobs like Actuaries, Investment Bankers, Financial Analysts, Risk Analysts, Fund Manager, Portfolio Managers are some of the highest paid jobs of the world. And, all these positions need you to possess excellent mathematical skills. Of course there are additional skills too that are required but mathematics is the basic thing needed.

To enter these fields, you can take up your graduation in Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Economics, Accounting like courses and work your way up.

We have already published a video on how to become a Financial Analyst, which you can refer to.

4. Economics

Another interesting field that the students of Mathematics can pursue is Economics. While a Bachelors degree in Economics paves your way to all the professions we discussed in Banking & Finance sector, Data Analysis etc., it also gives you an opportunity to consider being a professional Economist.

To be a professional economist, you’ll need to study Economics at post graduate level.

As an Economist, your employers can be local or national governments, banks, insurance companies, MNCs, financial consultancies and even big accounting firms.

To succeed in this profession, you need to have an affinity towards current happenings and their economic effect on the society, country and the world.

5. Computers – Ethical Hacking, Cyber security, Networking, Programming.

Now, since this is the age of computers, your Class 12th with PCM has a natural progression in computers.

Ethical Hacking, Cyber security, Networking, Programming are some of the professions that you can think about.

All of you are aware of engineering in IT or computers to get into this field but if that is something you are not able to pursue, you can also take up BCA or BSc in IT or Computer Science and follow up it with an MCA or MSc degree.

In addition to this you can also take up small courses to learn the skills you need to be successful in the chosen fields.

With newer jobs emerging in the market, what companies value more than your degree is your skill set. And, as the supply of  skilled manpower increases, degrees become more important.

So, one thing, I always tell all the candidates is, if you want to be successful, always try to pick up the new skills required in the market as early as possible. Make Self-learning your strength or do some short courses, you’ll never run out of good opportunities.

6. Bachelors in Designing

This is another career option that is booming and will keep growing up like anything in the years to come. Our requirements for fashion, style and newer products will keep challenging the corporates to develop newer products.

And, with a degree in designing, you can be designing products for home, office or general use.

There are various faculties of Designing at graduate level that you can choose from like Industrial Design, Communication Design, Lifestyle and Accessories Designing etc.

After a Bachelors Degree in Designing, you can choose to specialize in a field of your choice, if you wish to.

NID i.e. National Institute of Designing is one of the most sought after designing institutes.

Being in this domain, you can either work in a corporate set up or decide to be on your own.

But, if you are creative and approach things with a problem solving mentality, this can be one field that can offer you some really good prospects.

Who knows someday you can even have a product of your own with patent on it.

7. BArch

BArch is another field that the students of mathematics can pursue. The candidates from this field can work as Architectural Engineers, Urban Planning, Urban Designing, Interior Designing, Set Designing etc.

Some people you may meet could be very critical about this degree. They may feel that the career prospects in this field are not that good.

But, as I feel, the beginning here is also tough like any other field. But, if you have the grit and persistence, you’ll definitely succeed.

There is only one element in the whole equation that makes a career work or fail. And, it is “You”.

The people from this domain work with government bodies, real estate developers, interior designers etc. and many of them even go on to set their own business at a later stage making a huge money.

8. LLB

- Most of us believe that the only option you have after doing your LLB is to become a Legal practitioner or an Advocate.

While that is one of the options, there are many other options available for you after your LLB.

Law professionals are required in all the corporate set ups whether government or private. If you find it interesting, you can even try to become a part of Judiciary, Legal Outsourcing industry etc.

So, you see, the career options in this field are not as narrow as they seem to be. You have to be curious and vigilant to see where you want to land up in your career and work in that direction.

Admissions to law colleges are conducted through a centralized exam called CLAT. You can try to look for it, if you think, this field is for you.

9. NDA

This would be known to most of you. If you want to be a part of Forces and serve the country, NDA is what you should look at.

At NDA, the cadets of the three forces i.e. the Army, the Navy and the Air force train together.

One of the most prestigious career that you may pick up.

10. Management

Those of you who do not want to choose the mathematics route can also choose to get into management.

You can begin with a BBA or BBM type of a course and later on do an MBA.

There are many new specializations available in MBA to choose from.

11. Regular BSc – Mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry

If you take this route you can either decide to do a PG in the form of MCA, MBA, any other MSc or PG course.

You can even apply for Govt. Jobs, appear for administrative exams and other government exams both right after the BSc or the PG course.

Many people may make you think that a regular BSc is not a very exciting thing to do but as I said earlier, if you have a career plan and know where you want to end up, even a simple graduation can take you at very high places.

Some of the biggest organizations in the country like ISRO also hire candidates from BSc/ MSc background.

The most important link between your education and career is “You”. So, make “Yourself” the most powerful element in the whole process. Have a of clear vision where you want to be, what skills and personal qualities you need to become the person you want to be and work on them. Success will definitely be yours.