Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Cashiers are essential to any business that sells goods or services & collects payments electronically or through cash.

Well, quite a responsible and important position.

Here we bring to you some important general, situational and behavioral questions that you may face during your interview.

Who are these Cashier Interview Questions useful for?

These general and situational interview questions will be very useful for graduate and undergraduate candidates at a beginner or senior level, interviewing for the role of a Cashier at a retail store, hospital, restaurant etc.

1. What do you know about the responsibilities of a cashier?

This is one of the very important questions of any interview because it serves interviewer two purposes:

i.) It allows them to see how aware are you about the duties of this role? Have you prepared sufficiently?

ii.) Are you ready to discharge those duties?

To answer this question, you can say:

Some of the important duties of a cashier are:

i.) Scanning and Billing the goods or services & receiving the payments through cash, credit cards, payment apps etc.

ii.) Informing the customers about any ongoing promotions or special offers

iii.) Redeeming the vouchers, generating the bills and bagging the items properly for the customers

iv.) Making them subscribe to patron's programs and the store's app.

v.) Cross sell the products

vi.) Resolve customer's problems

vii.) Keeping the cash tray properly arranged and finalizing it at the end of the day.

A lot of companies might not describe the job responsibilities of the cashiers in their job notifications assuming the people would know them. It is always important to be well prepared with the answer to this question otherwise you may not just have sufficient things to say and may look unprepared.

If the employer has provided this information in their job notification, make sure that you read it well so that you don't miss out on anything important.

To finish answering this question, tell them how excited and suitable you are to take up this position.

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2. What are the key skills required to be a successful cashier?

The people working as Cashiers are at the fore front of a business, dealing with the customers and money.

This needs them to possess following skills:

i.) Pleasant personality

ii.) Good at simple mathematics

iii.) Basic knowledge of operating PCs and other electronic equipment like POS and Cash register

iv.) Good at problem solving

v.) High level of integrity

vi.) Customer satisfaction oriented

vii.) Physically fit and energetic

Once you have talked about these skills required, the trick is to tell them, how you possess these qualities. This question is again an opportunity to prove your suitability for this role. Having some short stories to tell would certainly help you.

Now, as we just discussed, Cashier's role is a customer facing role, so you'll definitely come across a lot of situations during your work. The interviewer will try to judge how you behave during this situation. So, be prepared to answer some situation interview questions. Let's see some of them.

3. How would you handle a customer wanting to jump the queue?

As a Cashier at the billing counter, you may come across some unruly customers. While you can't allow them to jump the queue, you still have to be at the best of your manners and polite.

To answer this question you can say, "It is quite possible to meet some unruly customers once in a while. As a Cashier, I would ensure that I don't let such customers trouble others by jumping the queue, but I would do it politely. I would request them in a calm and firm voice to follow the queue."

Answering this question like this shows that while you understand the importance of being calm and polite, you also understand the importance of other disciplined customers & won't allow them to get troubled.

4. How would you handle the cash counter on a busy day when your co-cashier is not available?

Yes, there can be stressful days when some people manning the cash counters are not available on a busy day. The big stores would usually have some extra employees to take over the responsibility but medium and small businesses that can't afford extra staff might face a problem.

So, this question is basically a test of your stress handling capability.

While answering this question don't say that it won't affect you at all as you are a super cool human being. This would practically look impossible. Rather, tell them that while the situation may look difficult with long queue, you'll calmly keep processing the transactions and seek help from the management to make some alternative arrangement.

5. How would deal with a situation when you have made a mistake in billing?

At times, it does happen that the Cashiers and Billing Clerks make a mistake in billing the items. This question is basically a check of your ability to admit your mistake and solve the problem for the customer.

To answer this question you can say, "While I understand, how important it is to be accurate while dealing with money, to err is human. I'll try to be accurate on most of the occasions but if it does happen, I'll take a look at the bill and correct it for the customer with an apology. I'll also thank them for their patience. "

6.What do you think is the most difficult part of this job?

To answer this question you can say, "The toughest part of being at the cash counter is the heavy workload during the season, over the weekends or other busy days & the long standing hours which need these people to possess a lot of energy and stamina.

I'm aware of these challenges and ready to overcome them. "