Challenges in Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is an emerging technology and has many challenges in various aspects of information handling.

Challenges in Cloud Computing

Following diagram shows the major challenges in cloud computing.

challenges in cloud computing

Security and Privacy

  • Security and privacy are the main challenge in cloud computing.
  • These challenges can reduced by using security applications, encrypted file systems, data loss software.


  • The application on one platform should be able to incorporate services from the other platform. This is known as Interoperability.
  • It is becoming possible through web services, but to develop such web services is complex.


  • The applications running on one cloud platform can be moved to new cloud platform and it should operate correctly without making any changes in design, coding.
  • The portability is not possible, because each of the cloud providers uses different standard languages for their platform.

Service Quality

The Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) of the providers are not enough to guarantee the availability and scalability. The businesses disinclined to switch to cloud without a strong service quality guarantee.

Computing Performance

  • High network bandwidth is needed for data intensive applications on cloud, this results in high cost.
  • In cloud computing, low bandwidth does not meet the desired computing performance.

Reliability and Availability

Most of  the businesses are dependent on services provided by third-party, hence it is mandatory for the cloud systems to be reliable and robust.