Coding Decoding Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Part 5

17. 256AF : 16D :: 625BE : ?

a. 25F
b. 32G
c. 5F
d. 25E

Answer: d. 25E


Alphabets and their positions


256 is square of 16. 16 means 1 and 6. 1=Position of A ; 6 = Position of F. So we get 256AF
Also, 256 is square of 16 and 16 is square of 4. 4= Position of D
Using same rule,
625 is square of 25 i.e. 2 and 5. 2=Position of B ; 5=Position of E
? will be 25E.
Because 625 is square of 25 and 25 is square of 5. 5 = Position of E
So, answer is Option d

18. In a symbolic language,

"He is father" is written as "Sheila told mother."
"He teaches physics" is written as "Sheila walks baseball."
"Father teaches science" is written as "Mother walks jango."

Then for 'Science' which word should be used?

a. mother
b. told
c. walks
d. jango

Answer: d. jango


Comparing 1st and 3rd sentences, Father is coded as mother.
Comparing 2nd and 3rd sentences, teaches is coded as walks.
So, Science means jango.

19. If jasmine means onion, onion means jaggery, jaggery means guava and guava means grass, then which of the following is a manmade object?

a. Jasmine
b. Grass
c. Guava
d. Onion
e. Jaggery

Answer: d. Onion


Jaggery is manmade.
Onion means Jaggery. So if we want to point out Jaggery we have to call it Onion or if we say Onion, we are talking about jaggery.

20. If NITIN is coded as %%^## and TEEN is coded as &^#& , then TIP is coded as

a. #%^
b. @^%
c. #^&
d. ^#$

Answer: b. @^%


NITIN = %%^##
So, N and I are % or #.
TEEN = &^#&
So, E = &
NITIN and TEEN has single T in common. Only ^ is single in both.
So, T = ^ ; Therefore, N=# ; So, I=%
P is new letter so it must have new symbol.