9 Common conversation mistakes about Books!

Learning is a never ending process. Reading and writing form an integral part of it.  After all, it is how we discover new things.

Being the learners, we spend a lot of time in reading and writing books, magazines etc. However, many of us commit some conversation mistakes while talking about the things related to learning and books.

We get you such 9 most common conversation mistakes and the ways to get them right.

Mistake 1: Please see a dictionary for knowing the meaning of this word.
Right thing to say: Please consult a dictionary to find our the meaning of this word.

Mistake 2: She has just read two-fifth of this book.  
Right thing to say: She has just read two-fifths of this book.

As you are referring to the fraction "two-fifth", the word "two" is a plural form. So, the correct way to refer to this fraction would also be plural as "two-fifths".

Mistake 3: Please open your book on page fifty-two.
Right thing to say: Please open your book at page fifty-two.

When you are referring to a particular portion of any page, it means you are talking about the text or content on that page and so, you should prefer "on the page".

For e.g. The answer is on page 15.

But, when you say "at page", it means you are referring to entire content on the page .

Mistake 4: My mother likes the poetries of Ramanand.
Right thing to say: My mother likes the poetry of Ramanand.

Mistake 5: I have written the answer paper with ink.
Right thing to say: I have written the answer paper in ink.

When you write with something, it indicates your medium of writing or a tool that you use for writing.
For e.g. Pen, pencil, chalk, etc.

But, when you write in something, it shows your style of writing or the way (method) in which you want your writing to appear either in ink , in gel etc.

Mistake 6: I want a red pen to write.
Right thing to say: I want a red pen to write with.

Mistake 7: My mother will teach you reading and writing Hindi.
Right thing to say: My mother will teach you how to read and write Hindi.

Mistake 8: Can you please tell me the cost of this book?
Right thing to say: Can you please tell me the price of this book?

We often tend to use 'cost' and 'price' interchangeably when we mean to talk about the amount of money required to buy something. However, they have different meanings.

When you purchase an item, the amount of money that you pay to the seller is  a price. But, the amount of money or expenses which the seller spends on  manufacturing of that product is referred to its cost .

For e.g. A car may cost Rs. 7 lakhs but it may be priced at Rs. 10 lakhs.

However, you may have additional expenses, like taxes, payment for transport, etc. All these add up to the "cost".

So, the "price" is the amount that you charge for something, while the "cost" is the amount you pay to produce something.

Mistake 9: We decided to pass away our time in the library.
Right thing to say: We decided to pass our time in the library.

Pass away is a phrase used when someone dies. It is used to avoid saying 'die' when we think that that it might upset someone.

When you spend time by doing something that keeps you busy, you  simply pass the time.