Common mistakes in English Conversation

Common mistakes in English Conversation

In this section we are going to see some Common mistakes in English conversation. Also provided is the correct way to speak that particular sentence.

Common mistakes in English Conversation - What's covered?

This section covers examples from various walks of life like academic, business and family matters. The examples are classified into following categories based on the context:

1. Academic
2. Teachers
3. Faults
4. Exams
5. Books
6. Sports
7. Friends
8. Food
9. Relative
10. General
11. Money
12. Work etc.

Whom are these "Common mistakes in English Conversation" useful for?

This section will be very useful for beginners in English communication. Even if you are a fluent speaker of English language, you'll be surprised to see that you have been speaking some sentences incorrectly. Go ahead and take this opportunity to correct yourself now!