Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

10. What will you do if you see your co-worker behaving rudely with the customers?


Now, this is a situational question and I’ll help you answer this with the help of a personal experience I had some years back at a bank.

I had gone to the bank for some work leaving my little baby who was just some months old at home. They set a date and asked me to come and collect my papers on that date but when I reached, the Customer Service Representative had forgotten about my papers and very rudely asked me to come the next day. More than the work not being done it was his lack of concern that I was noticing.

While I was explaining him my situation, I observed the lady sitting next to him get up and ask me, Mam you please come with me. She got my problem resolved in next half an hour.

And later I overheard her telling this gentleman, you gave her a date and you know it is difficult for her to come again with little baby at home.

Quoting such examples from your life can be a really good way to answer this question. You can then say, the way I would deal with it depends on the situation. I’ll try to explain this to my colleague at my level and if this happens repetitively, I’d inform my manager.

11. What do you do in the situation when you don’t know the answer to a question?


It is possible that you won’t know the answers to all the questions specially if you are dealing with a complex product. Well, the most important thing in this situation is to accept that you don’t know and tell tell the customer that you’d get back to them with the solution. And, the bigger thing is to really get back to them when you have promised.

12. What are your strengths and weaknesses?


The strengths which you talk about should be relevant to the role. You need to make a list of all the strengths you possess and the strengths required for the job. The common strengths are your strength required for the job.

When you are talking about your weaknesses, mention that you are working them. Don't say that you don't possess any weaknesses.

For e.g. : "I am flexible and adaptable. As a Customer Service Associate at my last job, I was able to handle change and develop my ability to satisfy the customers with our solutions. It helped me develop my communication and negotiation skills.

As far as my weakness goes, I am working on my time management skills; I am using a priority list which helps me keep a tab on all important tasks to be done."   

13. Would you be available to work on weekends?


In customer service position, you cannot expect a 9-5 job. The interviewer would ask you this question, to know how flexible you are, as they would require candidates who are available to work on a flexible schedule. The more flexible you are, the more would be your chances of getting through.

If you are comfortable, to work on weekends say, yes. If not, give a valid reason.

You can say something like: "I do not have any problem working on weekends but, I have enrolled for a Management course in the weekend batch which allows me to work on weekdays only. I am flexible to take any shift on weekdays."

14. Do you like to work alone or in a team?


This is a check of your adaptability and flexibility.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I do not have any specific preferences. Working in a team allows me to learn from my team members. I can work as per the requirement of the role."

15. What are your career goals?


While answering this question focus on letting your employer know that your goal is to work in the company you are being interviewed at. You are someone who is here to stay and you are looking for a potential career growth within the company. Let them know that you are ready to take challenges. Be enthusiastic about the current position that you are being interviewed for.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I would want to work in a company where I get an opportunity to enhance my skills and take new challenges. I would like to take on leadership positions, as I grow. Currently, I want to work for a company that values its customers highly and provides the best service."  

16. How do you rate your computer skills?


You need to read the job description and see if it requires you to possess the knowledge of any specific programs or software.  If you do not have experience with the required software, be honest and say that you are ready to learn.

For e.g.: "I am confident about my computer skills and I have been using Microsoft Suite in my previous job. However, if you need me to work on any other software, I'll be quick to learn it."

17. Why are you looking for a change?


To answer this question you need to be positive. Do not criticize or bad mouth your current employer. You can focus your answer on growing your career graph and learning new skills.

For e.g. : "As a customer service executive, I have learned a lot of things with my last employer and I believe that now I'm ready to take bigger responsibilities & I believe that this role would help me do that."