Why Data Analytics is one of the hottest skills?

Why it's so important to learn Data Analytics skills.
Who should take Data Analytics career?
Why Choose a Career in Data Analytics?
Must-have skills for a career in data analytics
Data Analytics is one of the most in-demand skill sets today. You'll find Data analytics being used everywhere across all industries. And it will be in great demand in future as well due to increasing data collection and usage.  It is used by companies of all sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500 giants. Top industries such as Health care, Retail Industry, Hotels, Financial services, IT, Marketing and advertising, all of them are using Data Analytics.

Now, let's first explore why it's so important to learn Data Analytics skills.

Data analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing raw data to extract meaningful information.

This relevant information or you can say hidden patterns of business help organizations to make more-informed and better decisions, which in turn optimizes their performance.

It also helps to identify new market demand, so companies treat Data analytics as a critical component of business performance.

Take any issue, whether it’s market research, product research, product positioning, customer reviews etc., Data Analytics is being used every where to make the right decisions.

Now as a professional, if you want to be an integral part in making future strategies of an organization, you will require data analytics skills.

With such a significant increase in the use of analytics, the demand for Data Analytics professionals will continue to grow year after year. So, it's important to learn skills to work with data.

Who should take Data Analytics career?

As I have already shared this with you that extracting meaningful things from data involves a fair bit of programming, stats and math. So, anyone with analytical and mathematical mindset can pursue Data Analytics career. You can be from any educational background.

Professionals from IT, Sales, Marketing, Banking and finance, Hotels, Retail, Supply chain etc. can certainly look to move to Data Analytics career.

Why Choose a Career in Data Analytics?

I know paychecks attract everyone. Let me tell you Data Analytics jobs offer very high average salaries. Apart from salary, it is a Fast-growing and evolving industry. You will also get a lot of room for career advancement. It offers both challenging and satisfying work. You will enjoy a good mix of technical and non-technical work.

Now, let me share a few must-have skills for a career in data analytics.

1. Maths is necessary

Look, if you have Maths skills, everything would be easier to learn. The better you understand calculus, statistics, and probability, the better you can understand algorithms and programming languages. If you are thinking of a career in this field, you should be able to enjoy working with numbers. And please don't forget, it's very important know how to use statistical techniques accurately. In short, if you have a mathematical mindset, you can easily pursue a career in data analytics.

2. Programming languages

You must also learn programming languages. Actually, You should be ready to learn new programming languages throughout your career. And, That's the reason why Maths is so important. If you are good in Maths, everything else like algorithms, programming languages - you can learn them easily. SQL, Python, R, Hadoop, Excel etc. are few languages and software tools..which are widely used in this field. When it comes to working in Data Analytics field, you should know these technologies well. And please note that, Data Analytics is more about working with big datasets, so knowing coding is essential but doesn't require in-depth knowledge.

3. Communication skills

Apart from technical skills and math background, communication skills are incredibly important. The professionals in the field of Data Analytics need to communicate with many stakeholders in the process of developing insights for decision-making, so working on your communication skills, will serve you well in the long-run.