Data Structure Algorithms Online Test

Data Structure Online Test

Take Data Structure Online Test and evaluate your readiness before you appear for any interview or written test. Consisting of objective type questions from various important concepts of Data Structure, this test presents you questions followed by four options. The correct answer, explanation and example provided with each question make it easier for you to understand each concept well.

Who is this Data Structure Online Test designed for?

All the Developers, Programmers, Front End developers, UI/ UX developers and designers will find this test extremely useful. All freshers, BCA, BE, BTech, MCA and college students wanting to make a career in IT field will be highly benefited by this test.

Data Structure Online Test topics

This online test covers topics like - Arrays, Stack, Queue, Linked list, Binary tree, Binary Search, Linear Search, Hashing, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort etc.
1. Which one of the following is not a linear data structure?

a. Queue
b. Stack
c. Arrays
d. Binary tree  

Answer: d. Binary tree

2. Which structure allows data to be stored and then retrieved in reverse order?

a. Stack   
b. Queue   
c. List   
d. Linked list

Answer: a. Stack

3. Which of the following structure allows elements to be inserted or deleted only from one end?

a. Queue
b. Stack
c. List   
d. Linked list

Answer: b. Stack

4. Which of the following allows items to be added at one end and removed from the other?

a. Linked list
b. List   
c. Stack   
d. Queue

Answer: d. Queue

5. Which sorting algorithm is based on partitioning of array of data into smaller arrays?

a. Merge sort   
b. Heap sort   
c. Bubble sort   
d. Quick sort

Answer: d. quick sort

6. Which of the following is a directed tree in which outdegree of each node is less than or equal to two?

a. Unary tree   
b. Ternary tree   
c. Binary tree
d. Both B and C

Answer: c. Binary tree

7. Inserting an item into the stack when stack is not full is called _________

a. pop
b. push
c. insert
d. delete

Answer: b. push

8. A linear data structure in which the elements are not stored at contiguous memory locations and they are linked using pointers is called _______

a. Linked list
b. Binary tree   
c. Primitive list   
d. Queue

Answer: a. Linked list

9. Which of the following is the process of removing an element from stack?

a. Create
b. Push
c. Pop
d. Delete

Answer: c. Pop

10. What do we call the memory address of the first element of an array?

a. Base address
b. Null address   
c. First address   
d. Floor address   

Answer: a. Base address

11. In which order does a queue store items?

a. FIFO (First In First Out) list
b. Linear tree
c. Ordered array   
d. LIFO (Last In First Out) list   

Answer: a. FIFO (First In First Out) list

12. Binary search algorithm is not efficient when the data elements are more than 2000

a. True
b. False

Answer: b. False

13. Which is more appropriate to use when deleting a node whose location in given?

a. singly linked list    
b. doubly linked list

Answer: b. doubly linked list