Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

7. What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing has a lot of advantages which allow you to stay competitive in the industry. Here are a few of them:

i. The future: Most of the businesses now and in near future will work hand in hand with digital marketing. In order to stay completive, your business needs to have a digital marketing strategy to ensure you are not left behind.

ii. Adaptability: Digital Marketing allows you to adapt to the new trends. You do not have to rely on sample data; you have real data in hand. All you have to do is plan properly, execute and adapt on the already present data.

iii. Engaging Content: You can have engaging content as a medium to stay connected with the customers.  You need to maintain good online presence to have success in your marketing strategy. It is also convenient for customers to stay updated with the brand or service.

iv. Tracking and Conversion: You can track the potential customer's action and preferences with analytics from digital media. Also you can optimize your website for conversion on an ongoing basis.

v. Higher ROI: Unlike traditional marketing, increasing digital reach can guarantee higher returns on investment.

8. What do you mean by data driven advertising?


Data driven advertising is also termed as People-based marketing, as it depends on targeting the prospective customers based on the data they generate through their browsing habits or in the physical stores.

For e.g. When you visit a store and fill up the form with your birthdate, wedding anniversary and phone, you receive special offers from them in your birthday or anniversary month. This is nothing but data driven advertising.

9. What do you understand by Re-marketing?


Re-marketing is a technique in which you advertise your product/ service/ website after the user has looked for it. By doing this, you know that your Ads are being shown to people who already have a certain level of interest and awareness. This increases the chances of sale.

10. What are Game ads?


Game ads are the advertisements which show up inside a computer or video game. These ads indirectly prompt the user to buy those products.

For e.g. if a game is targeted at children and they see their favorite character using products from a particular brand, they are indirectly prompted to ask for those products.

11. What are the different techniques used in Digital Marketing?


Some of the common techniques used in Digital marketing include:

i. Search engine optimization (SEO)
ii. Search engine marketing (SEM)
iii. Content marketing
iv. E-commerce marketing
v. Social media marketing
vi. Direct e-mail marketing
vii. Newsletters
vii. Online advertising
viii. Games and e-books
ix. Marketing driven by database
x. Campaign marketing
xi. Videos