Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

12. Is digital marketing and social media marketing one and the same?


No. Digital Marketing refers to advertising and PR delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, email, mobile apps, etc. whereas Social Media is a subset of it.

The main focus of digital marketing is to promote the product or service using digital technologies.

13. How does digital marketing favor marketers?


Digital Marketing provides innovative approach to consumer. With technological advancements and Internet penetration, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach the final consumers today. Following are certain things it offers:

i. Growth Prospects: Digital marketing provides marketing options for all businesses. A start up or a medium scale company can compete with well established businesses. Also it's easy to connect with the mobile customers as all the customers have access to mobile phone.

ii. Less Cost: Digital marketing is very cost effective when it comes to comparison with traditional marketing. It offers you the scope to have in a larger audience with less cost.

iii. Higher Returns: With digital marketing there is a lot of potential to earn higher revenue as the cost invested is less and audience reach is much larger than in traditional marketing.

iv. Customer Support: Any consumer would have to be heard. Digital media offers the consumers that platform. You can receive feedback; get reviews of your product or service even have live chat facility to address the concerns of the customers.  It is easy to solve the grievances easily over the phone.

v. Trust on the brand: As your brand or service would be available on various platforms, it will have a strong brand image in front of the consumers.

14. How important it is to have a digital marketing strategy?


The main need or purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to help achieve the goal of the business. A well defined strategy would help in improving the conversion rates, traffic, sales, dealing with any variances and above all taking a corrective action, quickly.

15. We are up with a new brand in two months. What would be your plans or thought process to start with?


Here the interviewer wants to know how creative you can be. He/she would want to know the new ways you will adopt for marketing the new brand.

The interviewer will see your approach and tactics for inbound marketing and your way of planning an effective strategy for the launch of the brand.

16. How would you build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy?


Digital Marketing Strategy is a set of steps or actions you take to achieve your marketing goals. Here are the steps:

1. Know who you are marketing to - Before marketing you need to know your buyers persona. You will have to consider the factors like age, location, income, job, hobbies, etc. to get your correct target audience.

2. Know your goals - Your goals should be in line with the business goals. For example: If the business goal is to increase online revenue, your goal should be to increase the leads which will help in increasing the revenue.

3. Know your digital marketing tools - In order to check if your strategy is effective, you need to measure your strategy with different metrics or tools available so that you can make the necessary changes in your strategy if required.

4. Create a content creation plan - Depending on your audience create an engaging content that will help you achieve your goal. Prepare a plan so that you can execute your strategy effectively.

5. Evaluate and Audit -  At this point you need to evaluate and audit your paid media as to know what is helping you to meet your current goals and what things do you need to eliminate from your strategy.

Taking these steps would get you a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy.

17. What do you know about Affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is also known as performance based marketing. It is one of the important channels of digital marketing. It is useful when you want to reach a more global audience.

It involves the business owner and one or more website or affiliates website owner. In exchange for a percentage of profits the affiliate website owner place advertisement of the business owner's product or service on his own website.