Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

18. Is affiliate marketing a good choice?


Affiliate marketing is considered a good choice as it gives you an opportunity for a larger coverage. It also incurs less cost as the brand is advertised for free and the cost will occur only when the agreed action takes place.

The agreed action could be registration on your website or purchasing of product or service led from the affiliate website to your website.

19. How would you make your Pay Per Click campaign effective?


In order to make your campaign effective, one should keep the following things in mind:

i. The keyword should be relevant to the search query.
ii. Add more keywords so as to expand the reach of your PPC.
iii. Constantly study and review the keywords which are expensive and underperforming.
iv. Each landing page should load fast and effectively communicate the product or service.
v. Include a call to action in the ad and explain briefly what they should expect to find when they click on your ads.

20. What things would you be careful about in Digital Marketing to avoid a penalty?


To avoid penalty one should keep in mind the following things:

i. Do not link to sites with low page rank.
ii. Avoid copying images or text from other domains.
iii. Avoid sending the user to another page even before he or she clicked on the web page link.
iv. Avoid using words that reduce the page ranking

21. Does digital media marketing have any hindrances?


Digital Media marketing is a good tool to expand business but there are certain limitations which cannot be overlooked. Some of them are as follows:

i. Internet Access: It becomes difficult to have internet access all the time, especially in rural areas. With limited or no access, digital media marketing does not reach in all the areas.

ii. Limited Products: In digital marketing, we see a lot of advertisement of consumer products which shows that there is no market for industrial or pharmaceutical products.

iii. Competition: Digital Media Marketing has a lot of competition as there are many products with same specifications. Hence the customers find it difficult to trust what they see on the website.

iv. Same Strategy: Digital Media makes it is easy for hackers to have the same promotional strategy of big brands.

v. Disapprove a brand: When it comes to digital marketing there are a lot of bloggers, or a group of certain people who can disapprove a brand. It is possible for them to harm the brand image.

vi. Updating: Social Media pages need to be updated on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged. Failing to do this will make the page outdated.

vii. Conversion: Sometime the consumers just don't take the advertisement seriously and just ignore it which makes the conversion difficult.

viii. Fraudulent Activity: When you are marketing on Digital media platforms you need to know who is genuine and what is fake and fraudulent. You need to be careful with spammers.

22. What are the characteristics of bad links?


Here are few characteristics of bad links:

i. Links that are spam links from blogs or articles.
ii. Links from low page rank
iii. Poor authority website
iv. Links from sites that are not related to the sites.
v. Link on penalized website