Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 5

23. Does sending emails help in marketing?


The interviewer has asked you this question to know how email marketing is one of the effective channels of digital marketing.

With the contact information available you can send updates and other information through email which helps in brand building, increasing conversions and getting new subscription from the potential customers.

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24. Explain the difference between direct marketing and branding.


  • In direct marketing the advertiser wants to communicate directly with the desired audience.
  • In branding the advertiser pushes his brand to various sites to have a higher audience reach.

25. Can you explain the two segments of digital marketing?


The two segments are:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is where we use e-book content, social media, webinars, etc., to increase the number of clicks on the links and learn more about the service provided. Typical Inbound marketing is blogging, email marketing, content creation, lead magnets, SEO, etc.

Whereas, outbound marketing is where one uses e-mails, cold calls, placing ads to reach larger volume of less targeted audience.

26. List some online marketing tools.


  • Google Trends
    1. Crazy Egg Heat maps
    2. Alexa Rankings
    3. StumbleUpon
    4. RankWatch
    5. Moz
    6. Google Analytics
    7. Digital Point keyword Tracker
    8. Unbounce
    9. Keyword discovery
  • XML Sitemap Generator

27. List some online marketing tools.


i. Google Trends
ii. Crazy Egg Heat maps
iii. Alexa Rankings
iv. StumbleUpon
v. RankWatch
vi. Moz
vii. Google Analytics
viii. Digital Point keyword Tracker
ix. Unbounce
x. Keyword discovery

28. How do you stay updated?


As you know, marketing is not constant and you need to be updated and flexible to adapt to the changes.

The interviewer would ask you this question to know where you are getting industry news from. Are you aware about the new trends in marketing? He/she wants to know if you are subscribed to important and top marketing blogs.