Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Technological advancements and Internet penetration have made it mandatory for businesses to promote themselves over the digital medium, giving birth to a new career stream - Digital Marketing.
This section covers Digital Marketing Interview questions and answers on conceptual, behavioural, situational and other experience based topics. You can also find interesting examples with the questions, as required.

Who are these Digital Marketing Interview Questions useful for?

Conceptual and general questions on Digital Marketing will be very useful for graduates, MBA freshers, beginners and junior level professionals interviewing for the role of Digital Marketing Executive.
Professionals appearing for Digital Marketing Manager’s role will be highly benefited by the experience based, strategy and planning related questions.

1. What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a term that was first used in 1990s. With the penetration of digitally enabled devices and internet, the term caught up the market in the second decade of 21st century.

It is also referred to as Online marketing, Internet marketing, Web marketing, Data-driven marketing.

It refers to marketing of products and services using digitally enabled devices mainly Internet but also SMS and MMS, caller tunes of phones etc.

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2. What is Omni-channel strategy?


Omni-channel strategy refers to making your products available for customers through various channels i.e. online and physical stores.

3. What is the difference between Pull digital marketing & Push digital marketing?


When the consumers actively seek for the marketing content it is referred to as Pull Digital Marketing.

In Push Digital Marketing, the company sends out the marketing content without the consumer actively seeking it.

4. What is Online behavioral advertising?


Online behavioral advertising refers to collecting the information about the online activities of a user, his browsing patterns across various types of sites. This allows the corporates to show user the relevant advertisements which converts into better results in terms of sales.

5. What attracts you to Digital Marketing Industry?


A very common question a fresher can expect to be asked in digital marketing interview. With this question the interviewer is trying to understand how well you know about digital marketing.

You need to demonstrate your enthusiasm as well as commitment for a profession in this industry. Talk about the short and long term potentials in this industry. It will tell the interviewer that you are aware of the industry and have serious aspirations to build your career in this industry.

Tell them, how this profession would give you the freedom to be creative, learn new things with the advancement in Internet and technological world. The opportunities you would get to implement new strategies and also a chance to explore your love for writing.

6. How would your degree help in Digital Marketing career?


The aspirants who have learnt digital marketing in their degree course will find it quite easy to handle this question.

However, it will come quite as a surprise for students who have an unrelated degree but interested in Digital marketing. Here's a strategy that would come useful to you:

i. Make a list of all the qualities a person working in this role would require.

ii. Make a list of qualities your degree arms you with and match the two.

iii. For the remaining qualities, make sure that you have studied sufficiently about Digital Marketing and are aware of the recent trends. Communicate your knowledge about this industry and trends with full enthusiasm.