Direction Sense Test Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers Part 3

9. I am moving towards south. I walk 2 km and then I turn 30° anti-clock wise and walk for 15km. Now I turn 285° clock wise and walk 3 km. Then I again turn 15° clock wise and walk 0.5 km. Which direction is opposite to the direction I am facing?

a. East
b. South West
c. West
d. North East

Answer: c. West


direction sense test 9

10. Jon starts driving in direction of his shadow at sunset. After going 120 km, he turns right and drives for 40 km more. Then again, he takes a 90° anti-clock wise turn and drives slowly for 30 km. Then he realizes he has taken a wrong turn and so he takes a 135° clock wise turn and drives fast for 50km. By that time, it was sunrise and Jon decided to go 180 km in direction of his shadow. After going 180 km how far is he from his start point?

a. 120 km
b. 60 km
c. 100 km
d. 80 km

Answer: c. 100 km


direction sense test 10

Distance of the dotted line at right side of the diagram = 302 + 502 = 40 m

So start to end distance = (180-120)2 +  802 = 602+ 802 = 100 km

11. Town A lies to Town P’s northwest at a distance of 3km. Similarly, Town D is situated at a distance of 3 km in the southeast from P. B lies to the north of D such that it is 3km east from P. C is 1.5km from P towards east. E lies towards southeast of B. F lies to the north east of E and B. If G lies in middle of C and D then where is G with respect to F?

a. Towards south west of F
b. Towards south of F
c. Towards north of F
d. Towards northeast of G

Answer: a. Towards south west of F


direction sense test 11

12. Sachin, Saurav, Sehwag and Dravid are playing Carrom. Sachin and Dravid are in one team. Saurav is sitting to the left of Dravid. Sehwag is facing South-West, then in which direction is Sachin facing?

a. North
b. South-East
c. North-west
d. North-East

Answer: b. South-East


direction sense test 12