Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

6. Do you know what an Email Header is?


This is one of the basic concepts and you may be asked about this in your interview.

An email consists of three important components:

  • Envelope: Internal process by which the email is enrooted
  • Email Header
  • Main Body: Text Contents
Email header or header is nothing but the first part of any email message. The header contains information like the subject of the email, who is the sender, the date, which are compulsory. The optional headers are Subject and CC which are very commonly used. When the email is forwarded the date, time, subject become one of the headers with the body of the email.

7. In email marketing what metrics do you use to measure the success of a campaign?


The choice of metrics here would depend upon the goals of the campaign. So, you can quote the examples of different situations. For e.g. Do you just want the receivers to join your Social Media Group or Do you want them to see a new product? In both these cases, the goals are different and so are going to be the metrics.

The commonly used metrics to measure the success of a campaign are:

i. Open Rate
ii. Click Rate
iii. Subscription Rate
iv. Reply Rate
v. Conversions
vi. CTR ( Click through Rate)
vii. Increase in website traffic
viii. Increase in referral business

8. What is Spam Report?


Spam reporting is an activity that informs the sender how many times the email has been marked as spam mail or junk mail by the receiver. This is also known as abuse reporting.

The messages could be any spam message or email message or even blog comment.

9. What do you know about the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003?


The CAN - SPAM Act does not ban sending commercial emails but imposes laws on using wrong or sending deceptive mails which are false and misleading.

This act states that the person who is sending a commercial e-mail should not misguide or misinform the recipient over the content or source of the mail. Also, the recipient has the right to reject the e-mail and the sender must include name and address at the end of the mail.

Providing an option to let the receiver unsubscribe easily is required. If a person requests you to unsubscribe them from the mailing list, that should be done in a timely manner. Violation of these rules attracts penalty.

10. What is a good email open rate?


All the emails sent are not usually received and read. A good email open rate is calculated taking into consideration the emails are received and read by the recipient.  

The range of good email open rate is between 15 to 25 percent for marketing emails.