Exit Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

5. Do you have any feedback about the management or your manager?

The HR might ask you questions like what do you feel about your manager's management style? Or what did your manager do well? If you want to provide any constructive criticism that can help them improve, it is OK but do not start bashing your manager or management.

The reason for this question to be asked is also to understand if the reason for your separation is a fall out with the manager.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I'm pretty happy with the way the management clearly defined our responsibilities and expectations from us. However, I have seen ourselves sticking to the traditional methods of doing a task while hesitating to explore new options. I believe that, if we could incorporate some newer techniques in our work, the results can see a big change."

6. What qualities do you think we should look for in your replacement?


Well, you are the best person to explain the skills and qualities required to succeed in your current role. May be there were some qualities you possessed while you gained some on the job.

This piece of information can help them in better results from this role. Make a list of some important qualities and skills & share it with them. It can tremendously improve their hunting for the right person.

7. Were you given enough training and adequately equipped to do your job well?


With this question, the HR would like to know if there was a lack of training, or if you were not provided with the right technology or if your team members were not helpful enough.
Knowing these things would help the company to improve in the long run.

If you did not get enough or proper training don't be hesitant. Do not give a very rude feedback. Be honest but provide true details.

You can say something like: "I am very thankful that I had a very supportive team. But, as the management changed in the last months, they expected us to work on new software which was a bit difficult. Though I managed to work on the software with the help of my team members a formal training would have been more helpful."

8. Could we have done anything to retain you?


This is another way of trying to understand their own shortcomings in comparison to the competition. You can highlight any improvements required along with possible solutions but don't fix blames.

Otherwise, if you had made up your mind depending on personal reasons or a growth prospects, just say, "Probably not. I was looking for growth and I see that you did not have a vacant position here. So, the only option for me was to move on."