Foreign Post Office Service - Export Products at Cheaper Rates

FPOs is an important delivery service to boost up the exports from India to foreign countries. Find out where can you find these FPOS, various services offered by them, documents needed to export through FPOs, destinations covered by FPOs, PBE 1 Form, PBE 2 Form etc.
Many of us wish to enter the exports business and need to send samples to the clients or begin with small consignments. While our consignments may be too small for the shipping companies, courier services may be extremely costly.

Is there a way out for these small and budding exporters to send out their consignments at cheaper rates? Of course. The Foreign Post Offices from Indian Postal Department is your answer.

Where do I find Indian Post Offices in India?

Currently there are 28 FPOs in the country. Here is the list (Check “Notified FPO” tab) :

What if I don’t have an FPO in my city?

Contact your GPO (General Post Office)

To which all countries can we export our products through FPOs?

Currently the delivery service from FPOs is available to these countries (Check “Network” tab):

What do I need to export my products through FPO?

- Valid IEC is needed
- Fill up a PBE (Post Bill of Exports) Form
- For exports through e-commerce : PBE 1 Form
- Exports other than e-commerce: PBE 1Form
- PBE goes to Customs at FPO for processing
- Postal department releases a tracking number
- Goods are presented to Customs that gives “Let Export Order”

Other delivery services from FPO for e-Commerce exports

1. Registered Packet (2 Kg)
2. Air Parcels (20Kg)
3. International Tracked Packet (Selected Destination)
4. EMS – Speed Post (35 Kg)