Group Discussion on Fashion

Fashion is how you carry yourself in day to day activities. With the desires of people to follow latest trends, fashion industry flourishes like none other but the other side of the story is not as pleasant as it seems. Life of a fashion model is not the rose coloured party that appears on the screen.

Below are some facts, quotes, and arguments to help you with Group Discussion Topics on Fashion. Also provided is a list of possible GD topics related to Fashion that you can expect to see at your entrance exam or placements.

Some facts about Fashion:

  • A dress or clothing item is called vintage designer clothes only if it dates back from 1920 to 1960. Anything after this date is called retro.
  • Napoleon is the one responsible for buttons on the sleeves of jacket. He got them attached because he didn't like soldiers wiping their nose with the sleeves.
  • The first Fashion Week was started in 1943 in New York to distract the attention away from French fashion during World War II and make way for American designers.
  • Currently, there are 40 Fashion Weeks and 100 official events globally with the five most prominent ones held in the fashion capitals of the world: Milan, New York, Berlin, London, and Paris.
  • In order to be a Haute Couture designer, approval by the Chamber of Syndicale, the governing body of fashion in Paris is necessary.
  • Only 14 fashion houses have been selected so far. Giorgio Armani, the famous brand was rejected.
  • Mary Phelps designed the first modern bra out of handkerchief.

Possible group discussion topics on Fashion:

1. Is fashion degrading the society?
2. Is fashion necessary in day to day living?
3. Fashion is to make yourself feel good and not for others.
4. Brand versus no brand fashion shopping.
5. Fashion has turned us into a relentless shopaholic.
6. Advantages and disadvantages of keeping up with fashion trends of the time.
7. Controversial fashion should not be tried just for the sake of feminism.
8. Passion for fashion is important to make a career in the fashion industry.
9. Youth is becoming a slave to fashion.
10. Dress and colour sense should be taught at school.
11. Fashion industry is just showbiz with no real art to it.
12. Classics never go out of fashion.
13. Sexual misconduct and casting-couch is the reality of the fashion industry.
14. Animal fur being used in the fashion industry should be banned.
15. Testing cosmetic on animals is a cruelty that has to stop.
16. Fashion blogging is a real career.
17. Malnourished Fashion models should be kept out of the show.

Some quotes that can be used in group discussion on Fashion:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
- Coco Chanel

Pros of following fashion and trends:

1. Sensible shopping: Being aware of what's trending and where to get the best deals makes you capable of shopping only those stuff that you would wear at a reasonable price.

2. Feeling good: When you look good and people are often complimenting you on your dress sense, it automatically makes you feel positive and good about yourself.

3. Upgraded: You automatically feel that you are living the latest trends and it brings a sense of happiness.

4. Confidence: When you are wearing something that makes you feel good, you are often competitive and ready to take on a challenge as compared to when you are self-conscious.

5. Sharp looking: You are presentable and dressing according to occasion which automatically gets you noticed as a sharp dresser at work or at informal settings.

6. Mental health: It is found that people who follow trends and dress accordingly are usually happy and have good mental health.

Cons of following fashion and trends:

1. Frowned upon: Being ahead of the herd can make one feel deserted and since others might not always buy what you are wearing, you might end up being the laughing stock.

2. Extravagance: Helps if you earn well or your parents do but if it isn't either of those, you are going to end up burning a hole in your pockets more than often.

3. Addiction: Once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic. You might stop the process for some time, but it won't take long before you start doing the same all over again.

4. Not always comfortable: What is in trend might not always be best for you and you might end up in a fashion faux pas.

5. Arrogance: It is not difficult to see how groups are formed in colleges. The impeccably well-dressed girls in one group while the common ones on the other. They are often too arrogant to get along with.


Fashion and trends are good for everyone. It makes you feel happy and elated but one must know where to draw the line or end up being broke.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Fashion useful for your selection process at entrance exams and placements.