Group Discussion on Urbanisation

Urbanisation basically refers to the shift of rural population into urban areas. Employment, education, better living standards are some of the reasons why the urban populace is slowly moving to cities and towns. Agriculture was the backbone of the country but the woes of farmers and debt on them are forcing them to want a different path for themselves and their children.

Here we get you some facts, quotes and arguments that will help you deal with the Group Discussion on Urbanization. Also find the other possible GD topics on Urbanisation topics that you can expect to see at your selection process.

Some facts about Urbanisation:

  • By the year 2010 half of the world’s population had urbanised. It is estimate that by 2030 60% or more of the world’s population will have moved to urban cities.
  • Globally, about 180,000 people move to urban areas every day.
  • It is claimed that around 1 billion people of the world are below poverty line and of this 750 million people are living in urban areas without proper shelter, poor or other basic necessities.
  • It is estimated that by 2030, Asia and Africa will both have the highest numbers of urban inhabitants in the world.
  • By the end of the year 2016, it was said around 33.14 percent of the total population in India lived in cities.
  • It is estimated by the World Bank that by 2050, 75 percent of India’s population would be urbanised.
  • Economists claim that countries that are more than 50 percent urbanised have five times higher income levels and infant mortality is less than a third.

Possible Group Discussion topics on Urbanisation:

1. Pros and Cons of urbanisation.
2. Urbanisation has derogated our values and ethics.
3. Urbanisation is a serious hazard to environment.
4. The pains of urbanisation from the point of view of slum dwellers.
5. Can urbanisation be made sustainable?
6. Has urbanisation contributed towards reduction of poverty and malnutrition?
7. Has urbanisation contributed towards increasing the literacy rate of the country?
8. Population influx towards cities is creating a chaos.
9. Urbanisation will take agriculture backwards.
10. Urbanisation has adversely affected farmers.
11. Rapid urbanisation is needed in Bihar and Rajasthan.
12. Will rise in pollution and smog lead to reverse urbanisation.
13. Urbanisation in China and its eviction plan.
14. Smart cities are the way towards sustainable urbanisation.

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussions on Urbanisation:

"Urbanization in India is a slow but sure death for her villages and villagers."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is, one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights."
- David Harvey

Pros of Urbanisation:

1. Basic needs: There are so many villages that do not have proper electricity and water supply. Premium healthcare is also not accessible to them.

2. Education and jobs: There are better provisions for education in cities. Job options and opportunities are also far higher than those in small towns and villages.

3. Labour: Rural population moving to cities create workforce that helps in construction, etc. However, their living standards should be taken care of.

4. An opportunity: Those born in villages are not doomed to spend their whole life there. They too have the right to explore what the world outside has to offer.

Cons of Urbanisation:

1. Slums: Name one metropolitan city in India that is not swamped with slums that are always being torn down because they are built on govt or public property. None, right?

2. Lack of sanitation: Poor living conditions in slums are owing to the fact that they are overcrowded and not maintained under municipality.

3. Environment hazards: Flow of rural population towards cities is creating lack of space which in turn is being balanced by cutting down forests and trees to expand areas.

4. Crime rate: Slums are not frequently patrolled by police and hence a number of illegal activities are carried out in those areas.


Urbanisation has its advantages in modern time and is perhaps inevitable now but it is important that cities should make better accommodation for them.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Urbanisation useful for your entrance exams and placements!