Group Discussion on Education System in India

Education system in India is much criticised for its lack of facility and faculty, for provision of placement units and for preparing the students to face the world with practical knowledge of how things work. However, it is also worth noting that our student exchange programs are still popular with students coming from all across the world to study at our universities.

Here we get you some facts, quotes, arguments and possible topics to deal with a Group Discussion on Education System in India.

Some facts about Education System in India:

  • India's education enrolment ratio of 11% is among the lowest in the world. Only one in nine students joins college after school.
  • Only one out of Ten Indian students with degrees in humanities and one out of four engineering graduates get job after completing their degree.
  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council concluded that 90% of the colleges and 70% of the universities graded by them were either of average or poor quality.
  • There is a great shortage of teachers even in IIT that have reported 20% to 30% shortage.
  • There is extreme shortage of good institutions, which has led to excessive rise of cut-offs for admission in some highly reputed universities like DU.
  • While the US accounts for a third of the world's output of articles in science and engineering, India accounts for less than 3% of research papers published.
  • Kerala became the first state in India to achieve 100% primary education in 2016, owing to its literacy program called 'Athulyam' launched by the state government.
  • Reports show that Indian students spend around $7 billion to go and study in foreign universities. This is called 'Brain drain.'

Possible Group discussion topics on Education System in India:

1. Liberal marking system should be done away with.
2. The union needs to grant more funds towards education facilities in India.
3. FDI in education should be encouraged to set up universities with better facilities.
4. High grade corruption charges against UGC should be strictly monitored.
5. Government schools need a complete makeover.
6. Government's free education plan for primary education is worthless.
7. Distance learning should be given equal importance.
8. Education system of India needs complete restructuring.
9. Our education system needs to be focused more on development of students rather than exams.
10. Ministers need to stop messing with history that has been taught in schools.
11. Let's focus on the future rather than debating history.
12. Brain drain - a serious threat or a hoax?
13. Stop radical reforms in the education system of India based on culture and history.
14. Schools should encourage students to be creative and reflective rather than academic.
15. Subject choosing should be encouraged right from the fifth grade.

A quote that can be used in the GD on Indian Education System:

"The Indian education system, like the Indian bureaucratic system, is Victorian and still in the 19th century. Our schools are still designed to produce clerks for an empire that does not exist anymore."
- Sugata Mitra

Pros of FDI in higher education:

1. Better quality: The quality of higher education would drastically improve as foreign universities are allowed to set up institutes in India.

2. Competition: Indian universities would come under pressure of improvising in order to compete with foreign universities, something that they should already be doing.

3. Jobs: It would open up jobs when foreign universities are allowed to set up institutes in India with better provisions for what the employers are looking for.

4. Preventing brain drain: Students would not spend billions for studying in foreign universities and brain drain could be resolved.

5. Funding: Our education institutes lack the fund for better infrastructure or technology and neither is the government willing to allot required funds towards education.

Cons of FDI in higher education:

1. Profit making: That is the sole intention of FDI. Foreign institutes would be interested in taking advantage of the opportunity and less heed will be paid to the benefits of students.

2. Treating education as commodity: This is what private schools and institutes have been doing for long and people are already troubled by them.

3. Hurting the local universities: Even the more reputed ones will suffer as more students strive to get enrolled in the newly set campuses.

4. High priced: It won't come for free. What's worse is that employers will start giving priority to students of these institutes.

5. Quality: Reports show that only 2nd and 3rd tier universities have shown interest in setting up their campuses in India.


Education system of India needs serious reforms that are focused on development of students and not just institutes. We need a system that focuses on enhancing the creative side of every students rather than mass production of engineers and other graduates.

We hope you found this GD guide on Education System in India useful to deal with the selection process at your entrance exams and placements.