Group Discussion on Uniform

Formal, semi-formal, ethical or casual - dress codes don't just make for presentable and good dress sense according to occasion but also determine the standard set by an institution or an organisation about what to wear and what to avoid. While dress code has been hailed by many, a proportionately large number of people have also opposed it time and again.

Find below some facts, quotes, interesting arguments highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of a dress code for a Group Discussion on Uniform or Dress Code. Also find here are a list of possible GD topics on Uniform that you can expect to see in the selection process.

Some facts about Uniform:

  • In US, local authorities govern rules regarding dress codes at schools.
  • Parents spend around $162 per child on school uniforms every year.
  • It is stated that dress codes are required to prevent discrimination and create a friendly environment for studying together.
  • Studies show that children are more focused on their studies when they are in uniform.
  • Uniform induce a sense of discipline and honour for the alma mater.
  • You can be penalised and even reported for disobeying dress code in Middle Eastern countries where strict Shariya law is followed.

Group discussion topics on Uniform/ dress code:

1. Dress codes in high schools - Pros and Cons
2. Dress code in colleges of India - Unnecessary or Required?
3. Dress codes are restricting the freedom of parents and children.
4. Unless the schools pay for the uniform, it is not supposed to dictate what the children should wear.
5. Dress code at workplace - Pros and Cons.
6. Headscarf ban in France - Hate crime or Socialising?
7. Dress codes are preventing youth from accepting our cultural diversity.
8. Most dress codes are restrictive only on women, especially at work.
9. Are dress codes sexist?
10. Are colleges barring girls form wearing jeans Sexist and Patriarchal.
11. Archaic dress codes should be done away with.

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussion on Uniform:

"I do not see the point in dressing and acting and speaking in a way that makes you feel more comfortable and me feel less comfortable."
- Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

"What to wear: An employee chooses. How to dress: His employer chose."
- Mokokoma Mokhonoana, Divided & Conquered

Pros of School Uniform:

1. No deciding: You don't have to get up each morning and waste time deciding what to wear and what not to repeat.

2. Discrimination: Rich and poor wardrobe discrimination will happen if there are no dress codes making one student feel superior or inferior to the other.

3. Concentration: Studies show that children are able to concentrate better on their studies when they are wearing uniforms.

4. Belongingness: It infuses a sense of belonging at school which students carry with them after passing out. It is what makes them feel as one.

Cons of School Uniform:

1. Wrong concept: We do not need to prove that we are all the same in order to feel united. Students have to be taught pluralism and diversity and acceptance for each other right from the beginning.

2. Expression: You may want to dress up according to your faith or region and schools should not be preventing that.

3. Colourful: It is always a cheerful environment to learn when students appear in colourful dresses of their own choice.

4. Costly: They are costly and to add to that schools change patterns and colours at regular change of sessions which means no carrying forward to the next class.


Uniform improves discipline and makes some people feel united while others find it to be unnecessary obligation and feel that it should done away with.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Uniform useful for your entrance exams and placements.