Group Discussion on Black and White

Black and white are more than just colours when it comes preparing for a Group Discussion. For the topic Black and White, expect to come across different angles including Black Money, African American culture, race related discussions and topics, black and white perspectives and so much more.  You can even expect technical questions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Here's what to expect if you land a GD on Black and White!

Facts About Black and White

  • Black stands for just about everything from the darkest colour to the name of a popular movie!
  • A colour without hue or achromatic shades include black, white and grey.
  • Black and white have been used to indicate contrasts like the Age of Enlightenment and Darkness.
  • There's a popular phrase called “Seeing things in black and white” which means the complexities cannot be understood and the matter is being perceived in a simple way
  • Black and white were the first colours used in cave paintings in ancient times like the Neolithic periods or the New Stone Age
  • While white stands for purity, black stands for solemn occasions.
  • In western cultures, black stands for grief and mourning.

Some GD Topics on Black and White

1. What if Red is White?
2. Is Life Like a Black and White Movie, or Does It Have Shades of Grey?
3. Black Box Approach Versus Analysis: Pros and Cons
4. White is Black
5. Black is Good
6. Black is Beautiful
7. The Black and White of Indradhanush: Where the Scheme Fails?
8. Black Versus White Propoganda
9. Are Indians Deliberate Racists?
10. Is Black Culture Fading?
11. Can Hate Crimes Make America More Racist?
12. Wearing Black is a Sign of Sorrow.
13. Black Money and White are equally essential for an Economy?
14. Black is Not Fashionable
15. Orange is the New Black
16. The Black Square of 1915 Was A Revolutionary Art- Agree, or Disagree
17. The Black Power Movement was the Turning Point in American History
18. Black Connects Art and Fashion
19. What is the Black Standard?
20. Can White Supra Racist Attacks Against Blacks Be Curbed?
21. Night or Day- Which is More Productive?
22. Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Some Quotes on Black and White You Can Use

Things are not quite so simple always as black and white.
-Doris Lessing

Life isn't black and white. It's a million grey areas, don't you find?
-Ridley Scott

I don't believe there's two sides to every story. It's black and white. There's right and wrong.
- Joe Wurzelbacher

Black and White in Arts  

  • In the movies, black and white films represent a bygone era. Till the 1950s though, movies were in monochrome because technicolour processes were very expensive.
  • Television programs were transmitted in black and white till 1928 when the first colour TV program made its foray
  • In photography, colour became the norm in the middle of the 20th century, around the 1950s. Before that, black and white or sepia photography were commonly used.
  • In most parts of the developed world such as USA and UK, the printing press was black and white till the late 80s or early 90s.
  • Film with colours and black and white sequences include Wizard of Oz, Pleasantville and Casino Royale

Black and White in Science

  • Black box testing takes an external view of the test objective to derive test cases.
  • Black box testing can be functional and non functional- more so the former.
  • White box testing uses the internal perspective to examine the internal structure of the object
  • In circuit testing is an example of white box testing; every node in the circuit is examined and measured.

Thus, as you can see, Black and White can stand for a lot of different topics. From racism to art, science to management, black and white are more than just shades in the colour circle. So, next time you have a GD to face and a topic like Black and White, just be confident and prepared.