Group Discussion on Music

Music is to mind what medicine is to body - given that you invest in the right kind of music to suit your current mood.

Music should essentially be the one of the most uncontroversial topics of all time but take a look at history and you will know that people took it to their hearts and protested against some all time hits too; some of them did call for it though.

With mental illness being the most ignored of all health problems it is a relief to know that music could help people fighting depression and trauma.

So, let us take a look at a guide to help you with Group Discussion on Music. We have covered some interesting facts, quotes, viewpoints about banning the music and a list of GD topics on Music that you can expect to see.

Some facts about Music:

  • If some parts of music give you the chills, it is because of a feel-good chemical called dopamine released to motivate you and lift your spirit.
  • If you are lazy and skip workout early due to fatigue, tune in to music and it will divert your mind which in turn helps in more exercising more.
  • If you want to avoid cravings, switch to music for relief. The same chemical is involved and you can avoid overeating or eating junk.
  • Studies show that music has the capacity to activate emotional, motor and creative areas of the brain.
  • You can lower chances of ADHD by listening to more music every day.
  • Another study shows that the heart mimics the beat of the music one is listening to.

Possible group discussion topics on Music:

1. Some songs do not deserve the kind of popularity and recognition they get and vice versa.
2. Listening to music while driving can distract the driver off the road.
3. Obscene, sexist and offensive lyrics should be banned.
4. Music inspired by drugs should not be made.
5. Is digital music better than analog?
6. Same taste in music makes two people good friends.
7. Has money and fame overtaken art in the music industry?
8. Justin Bieber lip syncing to his songs in his Mumbai concert was a total rip off.
9. Is Mettalica satanic?
10. Music should not be censored.
11. Coke studio - bringing together divided nations.
12. India should not promote Pakistani artists and singers.
13. Loud music should be banned in residential areas.
14. Remixing is killing the essence of classic music of all times.
15. Can music help with depression?

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussion on Music:

"People worry about kids playing with guns, and teenagers watching violent videos; we are scared that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands - literally thousands - of songs about broken hearts and rejection and pain and misery and loss."
- Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."
- Plato

Banning offensive music:

1. Talking about drugs: It is going to do no good to teenagers listening to how cool drugs can make your life and forget pain.

2. Offending women: Objectifying women to be instruments of pleasure should be strictly banned; with Bollywood's obsession for casting actress mostly to sing and dance.

3. Meaningless: The lyrics make no sense. There are no literal or hidden meanings in the song. No moral. They are complete waste.

4. Noise: They are worthy of being called noise if anything at all. If you don't believe that, try hearing some artists without your ears bleeding off.

Do not ban any music:

1. Choice: To listen to those kinds of music or not, to make them popular or not, to give them space in their track list or not - do we really have to guide our kids through these?

2. Freedom: It's a free world. Artists have the right to write or produce whatever they think is music to them.

3. Judge: You and I may not like a particular artist but a big part of the nation may. We can surely live with that, can't we?

4. Non-hurtful: They are not firing guns or supplying your kids with drugs. It's not going to kill anyone. Leave music alone.


Music is all advantage and no disadvantage but it is our responsibility to promote the right kind of music and not listlessly listen to every crap uploaded on YouTube.

We hope that this GD guide on Music was helpful to you and you would find it useful in preparing yourself better for a Group Discussion on any topic related to Music.