Group Discussion on Zero

Zero was invented by Aryabhatta, though some sources claim that Brahmagupta first used it. There are plenty of ways in which zero can be used, both alphabet wise and numerically. In mathematics it plays the centre role as additive identity of integers, real numbers, and algebraic structures. Literary contexts use zero as nothing or the absence of anything at all.

To help you deal with a Group Discussion on Zero, below are some facts, quotes and possible GD topics that you can expect to see at your entrance exams or placements.

Some facts about Zero, you can use in the GD:

  • Zero is sometimes called naught, nought, aught or nil or nothing.
  • Zero must have been around since the 7th century or before, but it was first recorded in 1604.
  • Actor Zero Mostel's real name was Samuel Joel Mostel and he got his nickname from his parents constantly telling him that he would never amount to anything in life.
  • Anders Celsius' initial introduction of scale of temperatures placed zero as the boiling point of water and 100 as its freezing point.
  • French astronaut Patrick Baudry was the first to state that in zero gravity one can put their trousers on two legs at a time.
  • Different sports have different terms for zero like nil in soccer, love in tennis and a duck in cricket.
  • Zip, zilch, nada, scratch, duck egg and goose egg are slangs used for zero.

Possible group discussion topics on Zero:

1. Zero is greater than infinity.
2. Size zero models should not be considered ideal.
3. Size zero fad is a dangerous trend that youth are following.
4. Does zero influence amount to zero justice?
5. Zero-hour contracts are bad for workers.
6. Zero-tolerance should be adapted against communal hatred and hate speeches.
7. Zero-tolerance should be adapted against sexual harassment at work.
8. Zero-tolerance against discrimination.
9. The power of zero.
10. From zero to hero - never underestimate anyone.
11. Can zero carbon lifestyle be adapted?
12. Is zero an even or an odd number?
13. Mosques should not be allowed to be built on ground zero.
14. Is Horizon Zero Dawn the game of the year?
15. Zero-waste should be strictly followed during festivals and marriages.

Some quotes that can be used in a group discussion on Zero:

The game isn't over till the clock says Zero.
- Paul Pierce

God is the tangential point between zero and infinity.
- Alfred Jarry

For size zero models:

1. Diversity: Size zero is also a category. We have to accept them as well. What's the point of condemning someone who likes staying thin?

2. Staying fit: Staying fit and improving women health is important since women are the first to stop caring about size once they get into raising kids and family making.

3. Body shaming: If fat shaming is wrong, so is skinny shaming. You cannot call for a ban on skinny women of the size zero when you are asking for more tolerance.

4. Looking good is feeling good: Size zero looks good and we have to accept that losing weight in a healthy way make you feel good.

5. Choice: It is an individual's choice whether they want to stay curvy or skinny and it would be unfair to ban either of them.

6. Encouraging: Young girls wanting to stay toned does not have to be a bad thing, especially with a lot of women out there promoting healthy practices of losing weight.

Against size zero models:

1. Anorexia: People with fear of gaining weight start living an unhealthy lifestyle and starve themselves in order to attain the zero figures.

2. Stereotype: The fashion industry has for long been plagued with the stereotype of selecting only super-thin women to catwalk through the shows.

3. Fat shaming: Idealising zero size models and actresses has led to fat shaming of anyone who is slightly on the curvy side. Bullying, trolling and harassing have become a common practice.

4. Beauty comes in all size: It is the most ultimate myth that has been embedded into the mind of young girls and boys that beauty is staying zero sized.

5. Obsessing about weight: The kind of effort that goes into getting into the size zero range and then staying there takes a lot of efforts that takes toll on physical as well as mental health of girls.

6. Tit for tat: For long the fashion industry has banned women who are fat so why not ban skinny models for once.

7. It's unhealthy: The medical examination of most size zero models reveals that they are malnourished. It is unhealthy and someone copying it would be playing it with their health too.


We hope that the above content gives you an insight into how zero could be used as a GD topic at your entrance exams and placement tests.