Group Discussion on Quota System

Quota System started for social and economical emancipation of the underprivileged under the caste system that once oppressed the lower class and plagued the nation. After all these years of reservation to them, no major changes have been seen except for the fact that now every community wants reservation and political tools for votes have changed.

Here we get you some important facts and quotes to help you with the Group Discussions on Quota system. Also provided is a list of possible GD topics on Quota System or Reservation you can expect to see in your selection processes.

Some facts about Quota System/ Reservation:

  • SC ruling against reservations exceeding 50% has been successful in restricting reservations but in some states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, there are protests all over and demand for up to 68% reservation including those for the upper castes.
  • India's parliament has reservations of 84 (15.47%) for SC and 47 (8.66%) for ST out of its total of 543 seats. Reservations for SC/ST in the Lok Sabha depend on the proportion of SC/ST living in the proposed state.
  • India's government and public sector jobs which are highly competent also have a fixed reservation for people of ST/ST/OBC.
  • Most of our scholarship aids are made available to only SC/ST/BC/OBCs, women, Muslims, and other minorities. Just about 0.7% of scholarships and aid is given on merit of the student.
  • All government funded institutes for higher education have 49.5% of the total seats reserved - 22.5% of the seats reserved for SC/ST students and 27% reservation for OBCs.
  • The Women's Reservation Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha in 2010 which further allocated some seats for women in the name of women empowerment.

Group discussion topics on Quota System:

1. Should quota system be abolished in India?
2. Quota system has created a culture of inequality.
3. The pleas of the general category in the quota system.
4. The importance of quota system - Then vs Now.
5. All sorts of reservation in education and jobs needs to be abolished.
6. Minorities and Dalits no longer need reservations.
7. Reservation has become the political tool for vote banking.
8. Has the reservation system in uplifting the status of SC/ST?
9. Racial quota system in higher education should be a strict no.
10. Women do not need quotas to succeed. Feminism is all about equality.
11. Reservation in job promotions - For or Against?
12. Quota or Merit - What should be the medium for scholarship?
13. Not caste, religion or gender, but income should be the criteria for reservation.

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussion on Quota System:

"I would rather be hired solely for my talent, not just to fill a quota."
- Reed Morano

"Hiring quotas reduce efficiency."
- James Cook

"I am not in favour of quotas. Just put the best person into the job. It is not about gender; it is about experience, leadership and vision."
- Angela Ahrendts

Pros of Quota System or Reservation:

1. Uplifting: They are still poor and need support for education and jobs for which reservation to them is necessary.

2. Reducing poverty: To les extent but it has been contributing to reduction of poverty.

3. Removing barriers: Racism exists. Even to this day the SC/ST discrimination exists.

4. Employment: it is only education that can get them employment contrary to what the high caste resorts to - business.

Cons of Quota System or Reservation:

1. Inequality: The general category is literally striving for government jobs and higher education.

2. More demands for reservation: Because every caste and minority wants it now.

3. No credit to merit: What about the hard work of the general category?

4. Discouraging: The general category is striving for job even after getting a degree.


Reservation system has reached its expiry date and should be done away with in order to bring equality and promote merit based promotion and education system.

We hope that you find this GD guide on Quota System (Reservation) useful for your entrance exams and placement.