Group Discussion on Digital Marketing

Internet took the world by storm and it wasn't long before the corporate world bowed down to the change and adapted every bit of the technology right from the initiative to promotion of business, all the way to planning and evaluation. Digital marketing is one such tool for advertisement of business on the internet on various platforms.

Here we get you some interesting facts, quotes and arguments for a Group Discussion on Digital Marketing that will help you through your selection process.

Some interesting facts about Digital Marketing:

  • In 2017, digital ad spending surpassed television advertisement spending. TV ad spending remained at $72.01 billion, while digital ad spending went up to $77.37 billion.
  • Surveys show most of these ads were accessed on a mobile phone than on computers. Searching for products also went higher on mobile phones.
  • Video messages and advertisements were found to be more effective than text marketing materials on social media.
  • Wearable technology garnered more attention than any other product via digital marketing apps and features.
  • Email marketing is only efficient for a reputed brand as most people would leave the email unopened if they are not familiar with the name of the sender.
  • Digital marketing over blogs and social media are found to influence purchase far more than newspaper advertisements.
  • 80% users are bound to make an Internet search before buying a product.

Possible group discussion topics on Digital Marketing:

1. Digital marketing via Blogs versus Video - Which is more effective?
2. Television marketing versus Digital marketing.
3. Should a start-up invest heavily in Digital marketing or go for Traditional marketing?
4. Digital marketing is manipulative.
5. Digital India - a plan that many are not ready for.
6. Digital marketing on Facebook is of great use.
7. Websites featuring too many ads are annoying.
8. Games with ads are not preferred by many.
9. Lying for sale of products should be avoided in Digital Marketing.
10. Ways to make the most of Digital Marketing, if your budget is low.
11. Mistakes to avoid when using Digital Marketing.
12. Deploying AI and bots in digital marketing will be the new trend to look out for.
13. A career in Digital marketing - Worth it or not?
14. Programmatic advertising - The future of digital marketing.
15. Are we allowing digital advisements to influence what we purchase?
16. Quality content is the key to successful Digital Marketing.

Some quotes that can be used in the above group discussions:

"Your customers are not you. They don't look like you, they don't think like you, they don't do the things that you do and they don't have your expectations or assumptions. If they did, they wouldn't be your customers; they'd be your competitors."
- Mike Kuniavsky

Blogs are more effective medium of Digital Marketing:

1. SEO: Blogs are easier to be created and reach a large number of audiences in no time. Videos, on the other hand, need time to be created, not to forget the technicalities that are not user friendly.

2. Free: There are platforms like Wordpress where one can create a blog for free and are usually easy to use where beginners can learn easily. Video making requires equipments and editing knowledge.

3. More content: If one is into writing and reading, they can constantly put out new contents about the products as compared to videos that can to be limited to only a few.

4. Diverse opinions: Videos are only for promotion but blogs can have varied opinion, which is why people reply on blogs before purchasing.

5. For those who read: A large part of the audience would prefer reading a good blog than viewing a video promoting a product.

No, videos are more effective:

1. Wordplay not required: Unlike blogs, one doesn't have to be very creative with words and meta-tagging to become known and popular.

2. More people watch than read: Call it a flaw with the current generation, but most people would watch a video review of a product than read about it.

3. Practicality: If there are video content for the searched terms, people are more likely to prefer opinion that is displayed than read about it.

4. Interactive: With the right equipments and knowledge of whom to target, videos can do the job in a rather interactive way, where the viewer feels connected.

5. Popular: The popularity of YouTubers far more than any blogger is an excellent example of how videos work better than blogs.


Both blogs and videos are excellent ways of digital marketing but in current times, videos have taken over blogs which were immensely popular just a few years back.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Digital Marketing useful for your entrance exams and placements.