Group discussion on Healthcare

Health is wealth is the good old saying but now that healthcare comes only if you have wealth, there are contradictions to consider. India accounts for one-sixth of world's population and the constitution guarantees free and appropriate health care treatment in all government hospitals. Apart from government health support, private sectors are providing a strong backbone in fighting diseases.

The topics on healthcare are quite often seen in Group Discussions. They may be related to the system itself or the technological advancement or laws governing the industry.

To make it easier for you to prepare a group discussion on health care, we have got together some useful facts,  quotes, and a whole list of related topics you can expect when you think about healthcare.

Some facts:

  • Public healthcare is supposed to be open for all public regardless of socio-economic status. Central and state government has a bug role to play in it.
  • Before coming to power, the NDA government had assured to facilitate a nationwide healthcare program known as National Health Assurance Mission. However due to budgetary concern, it was not properly implemented.
  • A nationwide survey under National Family Health Survey-3 reveals that the private medical sector still exist to be the key source of health care. It accounts to cover 70% of urban households and 63% of households in rural areas.
  • The rural healthcare system is under poor health facility and weak medical infrastructure.
  • The government of India handles NHP (National Healthcare Program) website which keeps a record central and state run healthcare programs.

Group discussion topics on Healthcare:

1. Public healthcare: Obstructions in the implementation of programmes by government.
2. We are accountable for our own healthcare.
3. Private healthcare system forms the backbone of healthcare system in India.
4. Seeking proper treatment is not everyone's cup of tea.
5. Healthcare: Availability, Affordability and Accessibility
6. How to prevent disparities in availing medical treatment throughout the nation?
7. What effective steps can be taken to create healthcare awareness in both rural and urban areas?
8. Why do doctors in public hospital prescribe medicines that are not all available in the hospital pharmacy?
9. What are the effects of healthcare programmes created by government?
10. Healthcare for all: VIP culture and reserved priorities
11. Challenges in bringing upgraded medicine, experienced doctor's and surgery techniques.
12. Job of the private hospitals: Treating disease or making money?
13. Health care commercialisation: Pros and Cons
14. What are effects of pollution in Delhi and what are its impacts on public health?
15. What schemes are taken by government to tackle health related issues?
16. Lack of medical equipment in public hospitals push the poor to private ones.
17. Vaccination of infants - Pros and Cons
18. Cost of treatment at private healthcare centres should be capped too.

Some quotes that can be used in the above group discussions:

"In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable."
- Kevin Alan Lee

"If you don't think healthcare is about power, you haven't been paying attention."
- Former CMS Administrator Don Berwick, MD

"When elected officials abandon our environment and ruin our natural resources, public health is endangered. I know the importance of providing a clean environment for our children; I have attended more than one funeral for a child who has died from an asthma attack."
- Gwen Moore

Doctors are accountable for healthcare:

1. They are the experts: Common people are neither well acquainted with the medical terms nor know the consequences of the treatment. Doctors are supposed to make the right treatment choices.

2. Negligence: It is not uncommon for doctors of public as well as private sector to be negligent of their duties, leading to fatality of patients.

3. Money is the priority: The rising popularity of caesarean deliveries are the example how doctors drive the patients towards treatments that are rather costly.

4. Responsibility: They are responsible for treating diseases that are treatable.

Individuals are accountable for healthcare:

1. Unhealthy lifestyle: Right from our eating habits to our sleep cycle, we are doing it all wrong.

2. Expecting immediate results: We no longer wait for our immune system to respond to common cold. Antibiotics are for everything these days.

3. Ignoring warning signs: Your body tells you where you are going long before you reach there and yet we neglect the signs until it's too late.

4. Blaming the doctor: We use it as the last resort even though negligence is also from the patient and the family.


Healthcare facilities are always on the rise. Better diagnosis, latest and more efficient treatments are on the way. Government strives to make basic facilities available to the poor for free but the economy is not in such good shape to deal with the compensations for all kinds of free healthcare facilities.

We hope that all the information we have got for you on healthcare helps you in preparing for your next Group Discussion at your entrance exam or placements.