Group discussion on Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir, the heaven on earth, has for decades been plagued with territorial conflicts for sharing border with Pakistan and China. It is the state that gets special autonomy under Article 360 of the Indian Constitution. With Muslim majority, the state still restores important Hindu shrines like Vaishno Devi that attracts pilgrim every year. Ladakh is engraved with Buddhist culture.

The topics of Group Discussions on Jammu & Kashmir can range from Article 370, dual citizenship, AFSPA etc. Find below some facts and figures that should help you in dealing with group discussions on topics related to Jammu & Kashmir.

Some facts:

  • J&K tops the list of most corrupt states in India. The list of corrupt departments have Jammu & Kashmir police department at the top, followed by  the forest department, land records/registration and housing, electricity, banking, education, water supply and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • People of J&K have dual citizenship - of India and Kashmir.
  • If a Kashmiri girl marries someone outside of the state, her citizenship gets terminated. However, if she marries a Pakistani, he gets the citizenship of J&K.
  • Citizens of J&K can be citizens of India but citizens of India cannot be a citizen of J&K.
  • Kashmir is listed among the most strategically and dangerously located places in the world.
  • People of other states cannot buy land or any other property in J&K, even if they have resided in the state all their life.

Group discussion topics on Jammu & Kashmir:

1. Special status to Jammu & Kashmir - necessity or not?
2. It is worthless to debate the special status of Jammu & Kashmir.
3. Should Article 370 be abolished?
4. AFSPA in J & K - Advantages and Disadvantage.
5. With 68% population in Jammu & Kashmir, Muslims need not be treated as minority.
6. The significance of Article 360 for Jammu & Kashmir and for the rest of the nation.
7. Pellet guns are not the way you deal with the citizens of a state you consider a part of your nation.
8. Human shield - a clever strategy or an inhuman act?
9. Are dialogues with Pakistan the only way to solve the crisis in Jammu & Kashmir?
10. Reason for separatism in Kashmir - funding from Pakistan or isolation from India?
11. If everyone in Kashmir is pro-Pakistan, how did assembly elections 2014 show a different result?
12. With our army and paramilitary at risk in Kashmir, it is our responsibility to resolve the issue sooner than later.
13. Should Kashmir be declared an independent country?
14. Pros & Cons of Kashmir becoming an independent country.
15. PDP-BJP alliance in Jammu & Kashmir is nothing but political diplomacy of powers.

Some quotes that can be used in the above group discussions:

"Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji gave the mantra- Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat, Kashmiriyat. He based Jammu and Kashmir's development on this, and we need to take it ahead."
- Narendra Modi

"What doesn't belong to us, we have no right to call our own. One can't win anything by force, ever. That is not what we, Kashmiris do. That is not what we, Indians do."
- Sanchit Gupta, The Tree with a Thousand Apples

Pros of Article 360:

1. Pollution free: No industries, no industrial dumps, no chemicals to pollute the air, this has to be the best advantage of the no land buying rule.

2. Documented proof: India has documented proof in the world's eye. We have given them dual citizenship which puts us in good books.

3. Less competition to students: Students of the state hardly have any competition in exams like medical and engineering entrances.

4. Maintain whatever peace is left: Peace is not really the word to use for J&K but doing away with the article will worsen the situation to greater extents.

Cons of Article 360:

1. No development: There are no industries due to the article and hence lack of employment, which leaves men to do nothing but join separatists.

2. No opportunities: Students lack opportunities as there is lack of jobs for freshers, and lack of facilities for higher education in the state.

3. No modern amenities: Wi-Fi, high speed data, 24 hours water and electricity supply, schools and colleges, libraries, etc. are all off limits.

4. Terrorism: If J&K is ours, there shouldn't be any special status to it that leaves scope for Pakistan's claim over the land or loopholes for separatists to sneak in.


Jammu & Kashmir is a never ending debate. There is no point in arguing where it started and who is to be blamed. Dialogues and communication between the countries might be the only chance to put to an end to this debate.

There are always some or the other issues surrounding J&K and hence it is always a probability that you could face one such group discussion on this topic. We hope this helps!