Group Discussion on Marriage

Some say marriage is just in the paper while others would move heaven and earth to prove that it is the essence of life to marry and bring progenies into the world. Open marriages, single parenting, having child outside of marriage are no longer as frowned upon as they were earlier but it is still not completely forgiven.

Here are some facts, quotes, viewpoints and arguments to help you through Group Discussion on Marriage. Also provided is a list of various GD topics related to marriage that you can expect to see at a selection process.

Some facts for Group Discussion on Marriage:

  • The word 'Bride' has its origin in proto-Germanic which means 'to cook.'
  • Some people carry dogs and trees in India as atonement.
  • Marital rape and same sex marriage is yet to be legalised in India.
  • 74% India prefer arrange marriage.
  • Gamophobia is the fear of being in a relationship or marriage.
  • People who marry between the age of 25 to 32 are less likely to get divorced than those who marry earlier or later than this.
  • Every 1 in 5 couples are having a sexless marriage. The average married couple has sex 68.5 times a year, which is hardly once a week.

Group discussion topics on Marriage, you can expect to see:

1. Marriage is an institution that lost its value long back.
2. Gay marriages should be legalised everywhere.
3. Marital rape should be a punishable crime.
4. Pros and cons of signing prenuptials.
5. Overspending on weddings should be banned in a country suffering from poverty and malnutrition.
6. Sex before marriage is not the least bit wrong.
7. Women should have the right to end a marriage on grounds of bad sex life.
8. Open marriage should be accepted by the society as a choice of individuals.
9. Marriage equality law should be supported worldwide.
10. Group marriage - Pros and Cons.
11. A stricter rule against child marriage needs to be adapted.
12. Hadiya's case is not a case of 'love jihad.'
13. Inter-religion marriages should be allowed.
14. The British royalty welcoming a black woman in family is nothing to be made headlines about.
15. Marriages in the West versus Marriages in India.

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussions on Marriage:

"By all means marry. If you get a good wife you will become happy, and if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher."
- Socrates, Greek philosopher of Athens

"Marriage can wait, education cannot."
- Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Arguments in favour of Marriage:

1. Legitimate: Like it or not, your relation and future with your partner is not legitimate until you are married.

2. Commitment: Choosing to spend your life with someone should be your decision but tying the knots is the ultimate promise of lifetime commitment.

3. Shut the society up: A live in relationship draws criticism from the neighbours and people of the society you reside in. Why not shut them up by making it legit?

4. Escape loophole: People counting divorce rate blame marriages for it. But the truth is people fall out of love too and divorce is just the escape from an unwanted marriage.

Arguments against Marriage:

1. Inequality: Same sex marriage is illegal. It is not an individual's choice to get married but a norm of the society that she/he is forced to follow no matter what.

2. Expensive: Little kids attending weddings draw their own castles in the air right from that age and when they are of the age of marriage, ridiculously lavish wedding is what comes from them.

3. Divorce rate: It is unusually high these days. Why risk something good for something that is proven to have issues?

4. Old school tradition: The criticism someone gets who doesn't choose to marry at the so called 'appropriate age' is ridiculous and insane. It should be a choice and not compulsion.


Marriage is just in the paper for some and for other it is the promise of love and commitment. Both are right in their own ways. Marriage is supposed to be a choice and not a mandatory compliance.

We hope that you find this GD guide on Marriage helpful in preparing yourself to face the selection process.