Create a good impression at interviews

Learn the tips to create a good impression at the interview and get the job you desire. Find out the importance of punctuality, body language, your social media posts, preparation, dressing up well and tricks to connect with the interviewer.
Most of us prepare ourselves to deliver the right answers to the interview questions. No doubt, that is an important part but another part of the interview which highly affects your chances of being selected is the kind of impression you create when you enter.

And, in this article I’m going to tell you ways to create that right first impression. Read on!
I heard a very good sentence somewhere, some days back and it was - There’s no second chance to make the first right impression. Sounds so right. Doesn’t it?

And, here a list of certain things that you can never avoid if you are really serious about that position you are interviewing for –

1. Being on time – This is one most important things for me as an interviewer. I have seen so many candidates, arriving 10-15 minutes late for the interview. And, it tells me just one thing – “They are not serious about this position”.

How many times have you missed your flight or train because you were late? Hardly any. So, why would you be late to one of the most important meetings of your career? Think over it.

And, do anything that it takes to show up 15 minutes in advance at the reception. This will give you a chance to settle down, breathe, get your thoughts together and groom yourself.

Use this time to use the rest room and put those hair together or fix the collar of your shirt.

Now, you are actually ready to meet the interviewer.

2. Dress up well - I have really seen some candidates coming to the interview just out of their bed. Guys, would you go to a date, without grooming yourself up? If not, why would you do it at an interview? Another important thing to think over.

Dressing up well doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothes and shoes. It just means being neat and wearing a formal attire with your nails clipped and hair fixed.

A very important bonus tip here is – Go light with your perfume. A strong smell may make the other person uncomfortable.

3. Go inside organized - Have all your documents and everything you need arranged properly in a folder. Put your phone on silent mode, remove all the change from your pocket, get rid of the water bottle if you are carrying it or may be leave it at the reception. Well. I would say, leave everything that is not required for the interview at the reception.

Messy and clumsy people are not really appealing to the interviewers.

4. Prepare - This is one thing that I stress upon in every single video or article that I do related to job interviews. Make sure you have read the job description well, know about employer’s requirements, have examples and stories ready and rehearsed to answer various questions. The process will help you anticipate the questions and face them.

Another important part of preparation is knowing about the company and its business. Finding out all of this is very easy in this digital age. You have to see their website. And, if you know the interviewers name already, try to find out about them through Linked In.

5. Mind your body language - Your body language communicates with the subconscious mind of the interviewer. So, you can definitely not undermine its importance. A very important thing to know is respect other person’s personal space.

Don’t get too near or stay too far. Smile, make an eye contact with the interviewer, use your hands while talking, don’t tap your feet on the ground, don’t touch your face – These are some of the very basic things that you should pay attention to.

But, make sure that you don’t overdo any of these which means, don’t smile unnecessarily, don’t stare or use your hands too much while talking.

Some candidates also complain about getting nervous at interview. It’s OK if you are a bit nervous- you are a human being after all. Take a deep breath, open up your shoulder, stand straight and smile, as you enter the interview hall.

Again, a bonus tip here is – Listen more than you talk so that you get the question correctly.

6. Fix your digital footprints – In this digital age, the impression about you gets created even before you meet someone. Check your privacy settings, mind your language while writing about people and issues, fix your Linked In profile. All these say a lot about you.

7. Sound interested – You may not be too sure about a particular position but if you have come for the interview, it means you are a bit interested. Give yourself an opportunity to explore things by sounding interested and asking the right type of questions for the interviewer to take you seriously and open up more about the opportunity.

8. Mirror the interviewer – Notice their tone while they talk, the way they use their hands or their vocabulary & trying following some of these. People open up more with the people of their own type. Don’t overdo but this is a trick to make them feel connected.

So, next time you go to an interview, follow these tips and see the magic happening!