Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

8. What is Google Adwords Keyword Planner?


Google Adwords Keywords Planner is a tool which gives you the estimate traffic update per month for the keywords mentioned by you. It also gives you related keywords which would be equally successful.

This is a free Adwords tool which was earlier known as Keyword Tool.

9. What would you do to use your Keyword planner effectively to reach your target audience?


Certain things you can do to achieve this are:

i. Refine your audience & budget using basic filtering
ii. Prefer the quality of keywords over the quantity
iii. Make sure your Ads are well targeted to geographical location
iv. Study what your competitors are bidding and which keywords fit into your requirements and budget
v. Implement things to meet your plan and budget

10. What is Ad relevance in Adwords?


Ad relevance finds out how relevant your ad is to the keywords and the landing pages. It measures how related are your keywords you are bidding on to your advertisements.

You need to have relevant keywords to improve your quality score and your click-through –rate.

There can be three statuses for Ad relevance –

i. Above average
ii. Average
iii. Below average

11. What does Below average Ad relevance status mean? How would you deal with it?


A below average Ad relevance status means that your keywords or Ads are not very specific. To deal with this, you can do the following things:

i. Ensure that your Ad group doesn’t contain too many topics
ii. Ensure that the ads you have and the keywords you are targeting are closely related, the group of keywords is smaller
iii. Try to keep your ad-groups tightly themed

12. What is Ad Group?


Ad Group is a group containing all your keywords, advertisements and landing pages.  You need to assemble all your keywords into themes by not just dumping them into same ad group.

Google rewards the advertisers who create a good campaign with better conversion rates.

13. What would you do if your ad gets disapproved?


An email will be sent along with the notification informing you that your ad has been disapproved. The reason for disapproving the ad will be mentioned hence you can make the required changes and fix the problem there and then.

However, sometimes you need to make changes in your ad text and sometimes in the text as well as landing pages. So, look out for the reason and fix it.