Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

14. Suppose my keyword is ‘XYZ’, but when I type this I don’t see my ad in the search result. Why would this happen?


There are various reasons why you cannot see your ad in the search result, such as:

  • Your ad got disapproved.

  • Keywords were not added in the Adwords account.

  • Or, the target location is not proficient to view the ad.

15. What is ECPC? How is it different from Target CPA?


  • ECPC stands for Enhanced CPC. It helps you achieve more sales or other conversions that you desire for.

  • The main difference between ECPC and Target CPA is - ECPC makes adjustments to maximum CPC bids that you have manually set. Target CPA genertaes automatic bids to meet you the target CPA you have set.

16. How does Google Auction work?


In a normal auction you put up a product for sale with the starting price of the product and then the people bid with the amount they are willing to pay for the product.

In Google Auction, the advertisers bid for the placement of the ads and for the keywords that are more relevant to their product or campaign.  

17. What would you do to improve your Ad position?


To improve your Ad position, you can:

i. Increase your bid.
ii. Improve the quality of your Ad.
iii. Improve the experience at your landing pages – both computer based and mobile.

18. How can the quality of Ad help you?


Some of the advantages of having a better quality Ad are:

i. It ensures that your Ad is eligible to enter the auction process.
ii. It can reduce your CPC with better Ads.
iii. Better Ads show up higher in the results.
iv. Your Ad quality determines your Ad rank which further determines if your Ads are eligible for Ad extensions which can improve the rate of conversion.

19. What do you mean by managed placements?


Managed placements is a technique to target your Ads to specific websites, videos, apps that are a part of Google Display Network.

20. What do you mean by automatic placements?


Automatic placements is another technique of placing Ad on the website, videos and apps in which your Ads automatically show up on these sites, based on targeting you have selected.