Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

21. How does the quality of landing pages affect the conversion rate?


Landing page is the page that the user sees when he clicks on your Ad or link in the Google search results.

In order to ensure that you achieve your desired results, it is extremely important to have landing pages that are relevant, complete and trustworthy.

Ensure that you have all the relevant information available on the page, a way to complete the deal, a way for the customer to contact you and any trust symbols required.

For e.g. If you are selling a product on your landing page, ensure that you have the image, features of the product, how to use it, user reviews, delivery information, authorized payment gateways to accept the payment, a mode for customer to contact you etc.

An incomplete page will get you the traffic but not the sales.

22. Are there any settings that cannot be changed, after you have created an Adwords account?


Yes. The currency and time zone cannot be changed after you have created the account.

23.What is the character limit in Adwords?


The character limit for Adwords is as follows:

i. Headline :  maximum 30 characters
ii. Second Headline : 30 characters
iii. Display URL : 15 characters
iv. Description : 80 characters
v. Destination URL :1028 characters
v. Images : not allowed in URL.

24. What is Adwords Express?


Adwords Express was known as Adwords Boost earlier.  Adwords Express helps small businesses by automatically managing keywords and ad placement of an ad campaign. It reduces the difficulty of managing a campaign for them.

25. Explain the IP Address exclusion feature of Google Adwords.


If you wish that your ad should not appear on a specified IP address range, Google Adwords allows you to exclude that IP address.

This feature of Google Adwords allows advertisers to exclude up to 500 IP addresses per campaign.  

26. Explain Google Click-to – Call.


If you need to make a call, you can call the business directly; there is no need to visit their website. This is Google’s mobile Click –to – call function.

27. How can you calculate cost in Adwords?


There are factors such as organization goals, bidding strategy that influences the cost of a Google Adwords Campaign. Hence, depending upon the industry and the keywords you bid, the amount varies.

28. CPC is one option for bidding. Are there any other options for bidding?


There are two bidding options other than C-P-C (Cost Per Click). They are:

i. CPM- Cost per Thousand Impression
ii. CPA- Cost per Action