Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers Part 5

29. Explain conversion optimizer in Adwords.


Conversion Optimizer is an Adwords feature that helps you in getting a better conversion rate at a cheaper rate. To get the desired output, it optimizes your Ad placement in each auction so that the unprofitable clicks can be avoided.

30. How can you track conversions in Google Adwords?


There are various ways in which you can track conversions in Google Adwords. They are:

i. You can check and access the search funnel inside tools and analysis. With the help of this tool you will know how many times a potential customer clicked on your ad before converting into a customer.

ii. You can enable Ad rotation setting – In this the ads that are more likely to be clicked by the customer are served by Google Adwords.

iii. View through window- this tool helps to know if a person sees the ad but does not click on it.

iv. There are few basic tracking codes provided by Adwords to track purchases. Also there are additional codes which are specific to your particular e- commerce platform.

31. If a competitor starts bidding your trademarked keyword and refuses to stop. What would you do?


With this question, the interviewer is trying to see your conflict solving skills. Trademark infringement has a lot of unpleasant and undesirable consequences.

Here the interviewer is trying to know how much do you know about the Google trademark infringement policy. He /she will check if you are aware about the best practices for bidding on competitors keywords.   

So, make sure that you are aware of various advertising policies of Google. If you are not aware of the policy under discussion, you can logically try to solve the question and say that there should be a policy which you need to study.

32. What bidding method should I use if I inform Adwords the amount of money I am willing to pay for conversion?


Cost per Acquisition method allows you to tell Adwords the amount you are willing to pay for conversion. In this bidding technique you reach the customers who are most likely to convert.

CPA has two bidding types

i. Maximum CPA - In this type, it is the maximum amount you would want to pay for each conversion.
ii. Target CPA - In this type, it is the average amount you would pay for conversion.

33. How can you find the maximum CPC in Adwords?


Each keyword will have different CPC rates. Here are few steps with which you can manage to get the maximum CPC:

i. Decide what would be your expected profit margin for each keyword or keyword group. With this you will know how much you will make with each keyword.

ii. Decide the amount you are willing to spend on each keyword. This will enable you to know the conversion amount per keyword.

iii. Now you have your expected profit and money you are willing to spend, so with this you can set your prices accordingly.

iv. Benchmark your conversion rate for the keyword or keyword group. If you are selling a product for a while you will easily know what the average conversion rate per click is.

v. Now multiply your maximum cost per conversion with the conversion rate to get the maximum cost per click.

vi. Analyze your maximum CPC rates for different keywords.

vii. Based on the performance of your ad you can modify your CPC amount accordingly.

Along with these steps you should also try to improve your quality score by improving your landing pages quality and by making your keywords more relevant.