Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers Part 6

34. Explain Google Ad API.


Google Adwords Application Programming Interface (Google Ad API) allows developers to build an application that interacts with Google Adwords server.  It can build keywords, ad text and landing pages.

It helps you to manage accounts with additional tools. Google API is for large and complex Adwords  accounts and campaign.

35. What are Google Attribution and Google Attribution 360?


To analyze the campaigns, Google has introduced Google Attribution and Google Attribution 360 which is the updated version. Google Attribution is free whereas Google Attribution 360 is paid.

Google Attribution offers Data Collection, Expanded Data Collection, 1P Bidding Integration, and Standard Reports where as Google Attribution 360 offers the same as Google Attribution along with Digital Optimizer, 3P Cost Data & Custom Data Upload, Custom Configuration & Custom Dimensions, Advanced Reports, 3P bidding integration, Data Export, and Reprocessing.

36. According to you what are the important things a new Adwords Advertiser should keep in mind?


The two most important things I would remember as a new advertiser are:

i. Make landing pages with specific call to action instead of clicks on the homepage. They should have specific call to action related to the keywords.

ii. Avoid putting all the keywords in one ad group with one generic ad.

iii. Remember to make a good use of Adwords Extensions

iv. And, monitor your campaign closely and keep making the adjustments, as required.

37. What is Phrase match?

Phrase match is a feature that allows your ad to be displayed to a user when he enters the exactly same keywords in his search box along with some more words.

38. Explain Remarketing.


Remarketing is a way to associate with the customers who did not make a purchase in the first visit to the website. With the help of remarketing, you can show your ad to the customer who visited your website or used the mobile app that will browse the internet elsewhere.

All the types of advertisers can take the help of remarketing to increase sales, to create brand awareness or to get more registrations.

39. What will be your focus when I say keyword research?


With this question the interviewer is trying to understand how you will avoid the unwanted traffic to the website.

Here the interviewer is keen to know how you will start with broad match keywords to narrow it down to exact match keywords. Also, make sure that you add the basic negative keywords.

40. As a manager, what advice do you like to give to someone who has just started using Google Adwords?


For someone who has just started to use Google Adwords, here’s what you should pay attention to:

i. Identify your marketing goals. What website traffic, sales and leads you are looking for?

ii. With the help of Google Analytics measure the results. Know how you are achieving your marketing objectives.

iii. Run targeted campaigns, market more than one product, use different keywords.